Unfinished Word

by Yousuf bin Mohammad

And the intoxication of death will bring the truth;
that is what you were trying to avoid.
(al Qur’an-50:19)

Wild untamed i in wilderness roamed,
Worshiped by none when i upon you chanced
i saw you rise from the burning bush
Or magic mushroom from beneath bedside
But then your rise with such a force of push,

Like ‘leven streams that made it out in gush
When sacred staff touched the rock’s soft heart,
Is dancing in my veins in holy rush.
The ecstasy is tearing me apart
But your escape velocity is yet to start.
And who knows your unique nascent launch, from where to where?
So let this heart stay bind–ed and let’s part.
Who could have seen you for you’re unique hidden somewhere
Even a stench duality would have come face to face somewhere.

When naught was there I have been,
Had naught been there I might have been.
Had shattered me, the matter of being
Have I been naught then what had been?

This garden washed in sepia solitude
Of street-lights-lamp-posts-in its leafless trees
Retreating autumn silence stays at ease
Adorned with hums of crawling multitude.
A truth entombed in life’s infinitude
Sleeps unheard in the hums of roaming bees
And laughter of the shore at men in seas,
Their endless seek, their foolish fortitude.
The solemn silence stays but still you speak
In cryptic codes, confused in mysteries deep
This endless laughter and this senseless seek!
But still you hide in seek, awake asleep…
Be silent and to when i say you speak
Till then, dear WORD, some stately silence keep.

Your existence
transient autumn cloud
life-time a lightning flash






Written on white what have i got
of black sick vomit in the sink
so bring to me what you have brought
come let us sit and drink.
We are but an ink blot

on pages in rivers of ink

and there till we are not…
When papyrus extincts, when i

have got to go and no more fit

in pegs; in paper cup, whiskey

As paper rolls burn lastly drunken night

new dawn is born as night bulbs die.
But let these bulbs blink a bit

longer for loss of you and I…





Mindfulness of death
elephant’s footprint mighty
of all supreme

Today these footprints stand alone by sea;

From where the tar roads end and sands begin,
So weary, they have come this far to be
Thus stranded all alone when night sets in.
But only last eventide there had been
With them a company of tiny feet,
Which mingling and thus glowing could be seen
Thus growing in them or aside in greet.
Alas no more this camaraderie await
Now just a rotting fish as company,
And all the fleas and flies of late
As footprints wait their final doom by sea.
Thus from horizon dawn peeps doom nascent
At feet and footprints such evanescent.

The leave to lead the role of life
Is nothing but a few of breath
Return of all the quest and strife
Alas! The long long dawn of death!

Like trailing zero of a matrix trace,
A hair threaded out of a lunar face
Now flies within eternity’s expanse
Free-falls before its fall from grace to grace.
Long lost, a bit longer within the trance
Whirling within the wind its dangling dance
And lost within its graceful gracelessness
Eva nascent pretense of permanence.
No past, nor future, nor the present -ness.
Free-falling time freezes in nothingness
As hair floats, freezes, freely falls then fades
In present? Past? Future? In consciousness…
As if in flock, un- shepherded herd of words
An un- finished, un- started, un- fulfilled

Unfinished Word

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