The National Chorten & In Punakha Dzong

by Abhay K.

The National Chorten

In memory of the third King

In the heart of the city
atop a hill

floats a gleaming white
chorten in the clouds

as carried by birds
to ever greater heights

morning joggers in sportswear
with headphones on their ears

worshipers with miniature prayer wheels
in one hand, the other moving beads

go around the chorten uttering slow chants
nearby a house of a thousand butter lamps

outside in the street school children bloom
as sunflowers after the sunrise.


In Punakha Dzong

Dragonflies hover
over Punakha Dzong

its wall painted
ochre red, black

yellow, green
full of patterns

I breathe slowly
wind blows

leaves of the Banyan tree
in the courtyard tremble gently

I hear the flowing currents
of Mo Chhu and Pho Chhu

and stories of a monastic life
told by monk Dorji.

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