Eastlit February 2014 Content

Table of Content February 2014:

The complete list of contents for the Eastlit February 2014 Issue is below. Please click on a link to go to the page. We hope you enjoy the work in the February 2014 issue of Eastlit as much as we did.

Eastlit Cover. This months cover picture is Thailand and is by Sinlaratn Soontornviset. It is an allegory of Thailand’s troubles in early 2014.

The Eastlit February 2014 cover design is by Graham Lawrence.

Five Poems by William Marr. The poems are: An After Dinner Immortal, Thinking of You on the Train, Snow Fight, The Little Bird and City Windows.

One-Day Friends by Ralph Catedral.

Day of Valor by Pauline Lacanilao.

Beyond the Boundaries by Kritika Mishra.

Ishinomaki by Cesar Polvorosa Jr.

Self-Portrait by Andrew J. West.

Self-Portrait Artwork by Vasan Sithiket.

Four Poems by Simon Anton Nino Diego Baena. The poems are: Boracay Blues, Simply Boracay, Cityscape and Understatement.

The Wind of November by Rembrandt Ramilo.

Arrows of Blood by Kousik Adhikari.

The Boy with the Golden Ring by Tom Sheehan.

Random Republication: Hitoshi and the Orange Peel Mystery by Iain Maloney. This month we continue the random republication of pieces previously published in Eastlit. Hitoshi and the Orange Peel Mytsery featured in the February 2013 issue of Eastlit.

Bookworm in Bangkok: Stefanie Field’s review of The Orphan Master’s Son by Adam Johnson. This is the third in the regular Eastlit review column.

How not to Write: 10. How Not to Read by Steve Rosse. This is the tenth article in a series of short advisory pieces by author and editor Steve Rosse.

Cesar Polvorosa Jr.: An interview for Eastlit by Graham Lawrence.

Naming a Fish by Reid Mitchell: A Review of Wings Toward Sunlight

Contributors. An alphabetical list of all the contributors to the February 2014 issue of Eastlit complete with biographies of all the writers and poets can be found in this section.

Note on Work:

Please note that we publish work as received. We do not edit work for minor errors. We regard these as decisions made by the author. The one exception is that we may work with second language writers to help them say what they want to say.

Please note all work whether writing or pictures remains the copyrighted work of its authors. Everything published on Eastlit. is done so under license from the copyright owners.

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