Foreigners Spell Sex & Others Poems

by Louie Crew Clay

Foreigners Spell Sex

                  ES EE EX
    when they don't want Johnny or Mary
                   to know,
                 we Chinese
              have no alphabet,
             have     no      easy
             trick      to      keep
           Cheung     &     Fong
              away           from
             naked          truth.
                             Even our character for intercourse pictures doors.


Learning to Steal


When I took back
     the bright red and yellow
band of feathers
     earlier traded for a piggyback ride,
Dad teased me,
     calling  me "Indian Giver!"
Only 12 miles away
     in what had become
a white farmer's scrubby field,
     150 years earlier
at Fort Stratha, Andy Jackson--
     who later claimed to Congress:
"Toward the aborigines no one
     Can indulge a more friendly feeling"--
plotted to steal Alabama.

Editor’s Note on Foreigners Spell Sex & Other Poems:

Foreigners Spell Sex & Other Poems is not Louie Crew Clay’s first work to appear in Eastlit. His previous published pieces are:

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