Before We Began

by Ruvindra Sathsarani

Before we began to judge 
Ourselves and The People 
From the colour 
That meets The Eye 
At first glance 
At first rays of The Dawn 
Was Life and Lie, joined together 
By appearance?  

Before we began to tell 
Ourselves and our Grandchildren 
That “white” is pure 
And “black” is evil 
That the faces on TV are pretty 
Because of their fake white skin 
Was being Asian and swarthy, joined together 
By disgust ? 

Before we began to convince 
Ourselves and The Nation 
That dark skin should be peeled off 
By a sharp pointed knife 
With the blade removing shame 
Away from our bodies, so sacred now 
So pure that women would be confident 
That men will touch them with 
No disgust. 

Before we began to hear 
Ourselves and the Friends 
Forging ties and endless talk 
Company, friendship and popularity 
Because fair is pleasent to the Eye. 
And men would rally on idle streets 
To ask you to dance, 
No justification. 

Not inside the heart or the head 
But devouring what pleases the eye 
A Visual Sexual Satisfaction, so easy to approach 
With the labels put on by ourselves 
A Nation’s pride still lingers 
Underneath the darkness of their skin 
With all the dark hours spent in rebellion 
For every life endearing act for freedom 
From the White. From the Purely Conquered.


Before We Began

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