Eastlit Writers January 2015

The list of Eastlit Writers January 2015 is alphabetical by first name:

Allen Forrest

Eastlit Writers January 2015: Allen Forrest bio imageBorn in Canada and bred in the U.S., Allen Forrest works in many mediums: oil painting, computer graphics, theater, digital music, film, and video. Allen studied acting at Columbia Pictures in Los Angeles, digital media in art and design at Bellevue College, receiving degrees in Web Multimedia Authoring and Digital Video Production.
Forrest has created cover art and illustrations for literary publications: New Plains Review, Pilgrimage Press, The MacGuffin, Blotterature, and Under the Gum Tree. His paintings have been commissioned and are on display in the Bellevue College Foundation’s permanent art collection. Forrest’s expressive drawing and painting style is a mix of avant-garde expressionism and post-Impressionist elements reminiscent of van Gogh creating emotion on canvas.

His art website can be found at: http://allen-forrest.fineartamerica.com/ and his porfolio of published works at: http://www.art-grafiken.blogspot.ca/

Chua Yini

Chua Yini is an undergraduate at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, majoring in Journalism with a minor in Philosophy. She has written for Yahoo! Singapore and Asian Geographic The Read. Her prose has appeared or is forthcoming in JunoesqLitroNY,Cadaverine and Sinister Wisdom.

Colin W. Campbell

Originally from Scotland, today Colin is ever-so-lucky to be able to divide his year between homes in Sarawak on the lovely green island of Borneo and faraway in Yunnan in southwest China. He writes short fiction and poetry and spends far too much time on www.colincampbell.org and www.shortstory.mobi.

Jerrold Yam

Born in 1991, Jerrold Yam is a law undergraduate at University College London and the author of poetry collections Scattered Vertebrae (Math Paper Press, 2013) and Chasing Curtained Suns (Math Paper Press, 2012). His poems have been published in more than seventy literary journals and anthologies worldwide, including Antiphon, Counterexample Poetics, Mascara Literary Review, Prick of the SpindleThe New Poet, Third Coast and Washington Square Review. He has been awarded poetry prizes from the British Council and National University of Singapore, and is the youngest Singaporean to be nominated for the Pushcart Prize. He has been featured at the London Book Fair and Singapore Writers Festival. (http://jerroldyam.com/)

JoAnn LoSavio

JoAnn LoSavio is an ethnic Chinese Malaysian, living in the United States. She belongs to that growing number of individuals who consider themselves transnationals, and uses writing as a cathartic process to reconcile the differences between the culture and land of her origin and the culture and home of her choice. She holds a masters degree in anthropology from Emory University, and a bachelors degree in anthropology, history and a minor in Southeast Asian studies from Northern Illinois University.

Kristine Ong Muslim

Kristine Ong Muslim is the author of three books, the most recent being We Bury the Landscape (Queen’s Ferry Press, 2012) and Grim Series (Popcorn Press, 2012). Her first book A Roomful of Machines, which was originally published by UK-based Searle Publishing in 2010, will be reissued by ELJ Publications in 2015. Her poems and short stories were published in the likes of Boston ReviewExistereSou’westerSouthword, and The State. She lives in a small farming town in the Philippines. Website: http://kristinemuslim.weebly.com/

L.P. Lee

Lee grew up moving between London and Seoul. Trained in Chinese and Anthropology, Lee enjoys exploring culture in her writing.

Paula Tan

Kuala Lumpur-based writer Paula Tan takes the roles of editor and copywriter with Malaysian satellite cable television giant, Astro. Born on the island of Penang, Malaysia to an English speaking family, she has a B.Sc [TESL] from Walla Walla University, Washington. Being fluent in two languages and her native dialect, Hokkien, connects her to her grassroots, colouring her freelance travel articles on both local and international destinations for Malaysia’s The Expat Group media company. Paula writes the occasional biographical piece and observation for other Malaysian publications and is an avid photographer. Having also created theatre workshop pieces commended by the Australian National Institute for Drama & the Arts, Paula’s first short story publication Fifth Daughter of Tung is based on her mother’s youth.

Stephen Lopez

Stephen Lopez is a Filipino freelance video editor, film maker and writer. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the University of Santo Tomas College of Nursing in 2012 and is also fully licensed registered nurse. After his studies in the field of health care, he has pursued writing and film making ever since and graduated from the Mowel Fund Film Institute in 2014. His first short story titled “The Beast” has been published in the Philippine Graphic Magazine. In his free time he enjoys playing with his cat “Kafka” and his cat’s brother “ET“, reading books, drinking and watching movies.

Ting Wei Tai

Ting Wei Tai was born in China and grew up in Singapore. He graduated from Raffles Institution and will commence his undergraduate studies at Yale University in 2015. His poetry has previously been featured in the Eunoia Review and ARTBEAT CO-.

Tom Sheehan

Sheehan served in 31st Infantry Regiment, Korea 1951. He has 25 Pushcart nominations . His latest books, 2014 from Pocol Press, are In the Garden of Long Shadows, and The Nations, about Native Americans. His print/eBooks are Epic Cures; Brief Cases, Short SpansA Collection of FriendsFrom the Quickening, Korean Echoes, (nominated for Distinguished Military Award) and The Westering, nominated for National Book AwardeBooks, from Danse Macabre areMurder at the Forum, Death of a Lottery Foe, Death by Punishment and An Accountable Death. He has work in  Rosebud, Linnet’s Wings, Copperfield Review, Literary OrphansOcean Magazine, Frontier TalesProvo Canyon ReviewEastlit,Western Online, Wilderness House Literary Review, You are HereNazar Look, 3 A.M. Magazine, etc.

Yu-Han Chao

Yu-Han (Eugenia) Chao was born and grew up in Taipei, Taiwan. She
received her BA from National Taiwan University and MFA from Penn
State. Her stories have appeared in Bellevue Literary Review, Zyzzyva,
and other venues. The Backwaters Press published her poetry collection
in 2008, and Dancing Girl Press, Imaginary Friend Press, and Boaat
Press published her chapbooks. Her website is www.yuhanchao.com

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