Malaysee-ah, negaramu

by JoAnn LoSavio

Malaysee-ah, negaramu (Translation. Original Below)

My country?
No, this is your country.
So say those who are true Malaysians:
You don’t like Malaysia?
So leave!
This is the land of Malay princes of the soil,
Not for people like you.

Yes, it’s true I do not
pray to Allah,
Yes, it’s true I am not
a Malay,
Yes, it’s also true my ancestors
came from China,
Yes, and it’s also true I
claim to be ethnic Chinese.

But in Malaysia
I was born.
From this womb of the land
my blood and body
I am your child, Malaysia.

It is true I do not like
Malaysia right now,
It is true I feel
all its leaders are corrupt,
It is true that I ran,
to a country

Even though, Malaysia has a special place
in my heart,
my children will have a homeland
It’s okay, can.
Malaysia, your country.


Malaysee-ah, negaramu (Original)

Bukan, ni negaramu.
Katakan orang yang benar Malaysee-ah:
Awak tak suka Malay-see-ah?
Jadi leave-lah!
Ni tanah bumiputra,
Bukan untuk orang macam you.

Yah, benarnya saya bukan
berdoa kepada Allah,
Yah, benarnya saya bukan
Yah, juga benarnya nenek moyang saya
dari negara Cina,
Yah, dan juga benarnya saya
yang anak kaum Cina.

Tapi di Malaysee-ah saya
Daripada tanah rahim anda
darah dan badan saya
Saya anakmu, Malaysee-ah.

Benarnya saya tak suka
Malaysee-ah kini,
Benarnya saya rasa
semua ketua tercorupsi,
Benarnya saya berlari,
kepada negara
Walaupun, Malaysee-ah ada posisi istimewa
dalam hatiku,
anak-anak saya akan ada tanah air
Okay, boleh-lah.
Malaysee-ah, negaramu.

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