Eastlit Content January 2017

Table of Eastlit Content January 2017:

We hope you enjoy the work in the January 2017 issue of Eastlit as much as we did. Southlit Supplement as usual is also included in the middle of this month’s issue.

Eastlit Literature Journal Cover: This month’s cover picture features The Windmill, Wang Nam Khieo by Sinlaratn Soontornviset. The Eastlit January 2017 cover design is by Graham Lawrence.

A Wedding Ring by Minglu Zeng (Translated by Xiaoman Liu).

Encounters on the Aurora Express by Dan Asenlund.

Man-ikik & Other Poems by La Verne.

Brush with the Black Dog by Farouk Gulsara.

Memories of War by Alzo David-West.

Southlit Supplement January 2017

Southlit January 2017 contains work focused on South Asia by Amitabh Vikram Dwivedi, Anindita Nair, Avijeet Musafir Das, Farhat Ehsan, Sabyasachi Nag  and Shiva Moghanloo (tr. Shima Elahi).

Prelude to a Beauty Pageant & Other Poems by Michael Caylo-Baradi.

Helices: A Review by Anna Yin of George Swede’s book.

Stranger in a Familiar Land by Eric Stinton.

The Four Friends Escort Agency by Jonathan Ferrini.

Mourning Desaru by Mikki Aronoff..

This month’s random republication is – well actually this month we have two:

Jar of Paper Stars by Michelle Chan is one of our Random Republications in this issue. Jar of Paper Stars featured in Eastlit January 2016.

My Glorious Life by Sharon Y. Sim is the other Random Republication in this issue. My Glorious Life also featured in Eastlit January 2016.

Contributors: An alphabetical list of all the contributors to the January 2017 issue of Eastlit complete with biographies of all the writers and poets can be found in this section.

Note on Work:

Please note that we publish work as received. We do not edit work for minor errors. We regard these as decisions made by the author. The one exception is that we may work with second language writers to help them say what they want to say.

Please note all work whether writing or pictures remains the copyrighted work of its authors. Everything published on Eastlit. is done so under license from the copyright owners.

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