Love Versus War & Other Poems

by Amitabh Vikram Dwivedi

Love Versus War

It strikes me;
That the major difference
Between love and war is of preparation.

For war, without it, there is no victory;
And for love, with it, there is no joy.

While laying down mechanical rules,
Love brings only embarrassment,
Whereas in war, one saves from
With a mechanical process.

You cannot think and love.
If you do
Your body will not respond.
In war
You think and do.
And if don’t
Your body will not respond.

In one,
Matter of death melts the adrenalin,
In other,
It is a matter of heart.
Your voice whispers and body sweats
You fight and release;
Frankly speaking,
There is not much difference between-
Love and war.


With/Without Love

Without love, life moves;
Like a wheel,
Without any obstruction-
Continuous and constant,
Like a wheel in a bicycle
On stand.

Love needs a static nest.
Life becomes
Benevolent; and body expands
Gives shelter to another life.
Feelings travel without a visa into
Foreign body; there is no discrimination.

But those who are not loving;
Are they really living?
As for living we require air,
But for love we require heart.



You have given me a balloon, haven’t you?
By filling air in my stomach.
You said, “my seizures will cure,
If I allow you.”

Now beneath my mound, something crawls.
What happened to your balloon, you assured,
“It will protect.”

I forgot my periods, and now
It is too late.
So stately it ascends, and
My tensions are mounting perceptibly.

Soon it will struggle for breath,
The mere idea chokes me.
The creature will strain and spun,
So quick it happened, outside institution.


Love Versus War & Other Poems

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