You Looked So Handsome

by Alzo David-West

I met her online at the intranet café near Kwangbok Station. I went there every day after my university classes, and we chatted for hours.

We shared so many things about ourselves: our families, our youth groups, our interests, our hobbies, our ages, so many things. And when we felt bad or down, we were always there in our chat room, waiting for each other.

After three months, I thought we should meet. I suggested the idea, but she was reluctant. She said she needed more time, so I waited, and we chatted through the summer.

It was a long summer, but I enjoyed it. I only wanted to be with her. Just before autumn came, I decided to ask again if we could meet.

She was more open this time, but she said she was different from the other girls, that she was not like them, in their tiny clothes. I did not know what she meant, and I did not care. I liked her, and she liked me. We had come to know so much about each other.

So we made our arrangement. We would meet in front of the video game arcade at Rungna People’s Amusement Park, and we would go for a walk. I said she would recognize me because I would be wearing sunglasses and have my hair in the southern style. She said I sounded handsome. I felt good.

When the day came, I was nervous but happy at the same time. I walked from my dormitory, took the bus and the train, got off, walked to the park, and stayed on the opposite side of the road so that I could see her first.

I was really looking forward to our first meeting. I knew it would be a wonderful experience. But when I got to the arcade and looked across the street, she was not there. I waited for an hour, and she never came. People were entering the arcade and exiting the arcade. After a little while, I left, disappointed and downcast.

I went to the intranet café the next day, found her in our chat room, and asked why she never came. To my surprise, she said she did, that she even saw me across the street. She said she looked in my direction and waited for me to cross, except that I idled for an hour and walked away instead.

“But I only saw a boy,” I said.

“You looked so handsome,” she said.


Editor’s Note on You Looked So Handsome:

You Looked So Handsome is not Alzo David-West’s first work to appear in Eastlit. His previous published pieces are:

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