Generous Are the Trees & Seeing Off

Two Poems by Adonis Enricuso

Generous Are the Trees

Generous are the trees
grown by no one,
demanding none.

They only thrive quietly
with singing birds,
and blooming orchids.

Wisps of cool mist reach
even the faraway village
where no one pays homage.

When barbaric men arrive –
chainsaws by their side,
others slink off and hide.

Listen closely as they fall.
Stripped off with leaves,
logs sail; No one grieves.

As if with a pang of guilt,
they gather by a wide river,
nothing much more to offer.

May the dead get appeased
as the lifeless get nailed,
standing for the desolated.

Generous were the trees
the second time they bled,
consoling their fellow dead.


Seeing Off

At the back seat we sat apart,
Foreshadowing a fate to embark.
How different is it when you go and
I stay as restless as a wanderer?

Just like how a mother whispers
To her child, I asked never to cling
And do what you need to do, and
I’ll be as dutiful as they expect.

If it’s really right I’m no longer certain.
Last night’s silence never revealed a sign.
Even the clock monotonously ticked as if
Unsympathetic, oblivious of today’s ride.

As you surrendered the luggage, I’d be
Quietly carrying mine home I thought
Where unpacking has to wait for promises
Now so intact, to huddle against Time.

And if you wondered I didn’t keep looking
At your sorry, tired eyes, forgive me.
I already had waken up lost, my mind
dragging me here, Angel in the cradle.

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