In Tsurumai Park

by Iain Maloney

in Tsurumai Park
the cosplayers gather
first day of spring


a murmuration;
joggers, baseball teams
stretching in the sunlight


she walks like a dancer;
the willow bows
under the starling’s sway.


Look at me!


the cosplayers shiver
murky in lamplight
the setting sun


after dark
it’s too cold
for poetry


standing on his pedals
an old man freewheels;
sparkle of starlight


the spring moon
brittle and blazing
a secret in everyday clothes


they pack themselves away
ume blossom
mauve in the twilight


in Japan
farewells are long
goodbyes sudden


Editor’s Note on In Tsurumai Park:

In Tsurumai Park is not the first piece that Eastlit has published by Iain Maloney.The following work has featured in Eastlit:

You can also read Eastlit’s Iain Maloney interview.

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