Writers March 2014

The list of Eastlit writers March 2014 is alphabetical by first name. This month we also include artists again.

Alex Skorochid

Alex Skorochid is a Canadian writer currently living abroad. When he can find the spare time and energy from his day job he writes poems and short stories.

Colin W. Campbell

Originally from Scotland, today Colin is ever-so-lucky to be able to divide his year between homes in Sarawak on the lovely green island of Borneo and faraway in Yunnan in southwest China. He writes short fiction and poetry and spends far too much time on www.colincampbell.org and www.shortstory.mobi.

Daniel Emlyn-Jones

Daniel Emlyn-Jones is a 40-year old teacher who lives and works in Oxford, UK. He loves and frequently visits Singapore, and has published several short stories with a Singaporean theme.

James Austin Farrell

James Austin Farrell is a 39 year old (UK) writer who has lived in Chiang Mai for 13 years. He currently works as editor for Chiang Mai City News, and before that he worked as deputy editor of Citylife magazine, Chiang Mai.

Most of his published work is journalism, though he has had fiction published, notably his last novella – The Drug Study. That was published as an audio book with Nil Desperandum, US. He is working on finishing a collection of stories and short novels. He has also a completed novel that he can’t bear the sight of…He’ll get back to it soon.

Lynda Marjarian

Lynda Majarian earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing from the University of Arizona (home to one of the country’s leading graduate writing programs) and has had several short stories and essays published in print and online literary magazines including The Faircloth Review, Eastlit,  Narrative, PIF, Superstition Review, Marco Polo, Thin Air Review, and Spelunker Flophouse. Her short story, “Postscript to Cloud Nine” was a runner-up for a short fiction prize by England’s Stand magazine. A podcast of her creative nonfiction piece titled “Contents Under Pressure” that was published in 2011 by the literary magazine Superstition Review will go live in their iTunes Channel on February 18th at 1 pm Arizona time. The podcast can be accessed directly once it is published at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/itunes-u/superstition-review/id552593273

Lynda left a career in public relations nearly nine years ago to become a college English Instructor. Her teaching experience includes seven years of teaching Creative Writing, Introduction to Literature, Introduction to the Novel, and English Composition at an American community college, and two academic years teaching oral and written English composition skills to both undergraduate and graduate ESOL students in Shenyang and Shanghai, China, respectively. She is currently finishing work on a memoir about her experiences living and working in China, and has resumed teaching at Community College of Vermont and facilitating local writers’ workshops.

Reid Mitchell

Reid Mitchell is a New Orleanian teaching in China.  He has an MFA in Creative Writing from Warren Wilson College.  His novel, A MAN UNDER AUTHORITY, was published by Turtle Point Press.  He has published poetry in CHA, PEDESTAL, IN POSSE, and elsewhere.  He is currently acting as poetry sub-editor for ASIA LITERARY REVIEW and occasionally writes with Hong Kong poet Tammy Ho.

Rose Lu

Rose Lu (Bing hua),  with original name of Lihua Lu,a popular pure-hearted   Chinese-American Poetess, is currently an accountant in Maryland,  USA. She is an advisor of China Poetry and a column poetess of many Literature websites abroad.  She has authored the well-known anthology of poetry  THIS IS LOVE, and ROSES BY THE STREAM and coauthored MORNING DEW AND DRIFTING PETALS. She is popular for her beautiful, fluent and pure style. Each poem is also a statement about her life, that has made readers nod, smile, and shed a tear. She’s been named Rose in Poetry, Woman Sage of Love Lyrics, Angel of Poems, Queen of amatory poems, etc. “The Heart Of A Lotus” won the Gold award in the “Love Story” world-wide Chinese poem contest in 2010; “It’s Neither Frivolous Nor Drifty” and ” A Fan” won the Award in Love in XXXI World Congress of Poets in 2011.

Stefanie Field

Stefanie Field is a graduate student pursuing a Master’s Degree in International Relations in Bangkok, Thailand.  She also works as an intern at Human Development Forum Foundation.  She hopes to become fluent in Thai and Japanese to translate Asian literature in the future.

Stephen Jordan

Stephen Jordan’s fiction is often inspired from living and working overseas combined with a passion for history. He grew up in California’s Napa Valley in the 1950s in a family of readers—dinner-table conversations often centered on books. Of his parents’ gifts, love of literature is his most cherished.
While at Stanford University, Stephen discovered art history and considered a career in the arts. But practicality prevailed, and he opted for business school and joined Bank of America’s International Department. Speaking good Spanish at the time, he was bewildered—but not entirely surprised—when he was assigned to the Asia Division and later transferred to Indonesia. Despite his initial misgivings, Stephen found living in Asia fascinating, frustrating, and life threatening at times.
Inspired by Paul Theroux’s Asian collection, The Counsel’s File, Stephen has written a collection of short stories centered in Southeast Asia. His banking career involved assignments in Jakarta, Singapore, London, East Africa and Chicago. He describes Chicago as the most dangerous, Singapore the cleanest.

Steve Rosse

In 1988 Steve Rosse took a break from a career in the New York City film and television industry for a three-month holiday on Phuket, an island off the Western coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea.
He decided he liked Phuket more than he liked New York, and without any idea of what he’d do for a living, he took up residence on the island. He supported himself, and eventually his wife and children, for most of the next decade as a freelance journalist and columnist.
His column, “The Rock”, appeared in The Nation, Thailand’s Independent Newspaper, every Sunday for five years.
In 1997 he moved to Iowa for the surfing.

Wayne Deakin

Wayne George Deakin was born on 17/11/1970 in Wolverhampton, UK. He now has a PhD, MA (Distinction), BA (Hons) from Sussex University. He is married with 3 children and is currently residing in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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