Eastlit Writers March 2015

The list of Eastlit Writers March 2015 is alphabetical by first name:

Iftekhar Sayeed

Iftekhar Sayeed teaches English. He was born and lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He has contributed to The Danforth Review, Axis of Logic, Enter Text, Postcolonial Text, Southern Cross Review, Opednews.com, Left Curve, Mobius, Erbacce, Down In The Dirt, The Fear of Monkeys and other publications. He is also a freelance journalist. He and his wife love to tour Bangladesh.

Jonathan Ng

Born and raised in Canada until the age of 10, Jonathan Ng immigrated to Hong Kong with his family and has lived there ever since. He has always felt like an outsider in the Asian ‘World City’ despite his Chinese ethnicity, and this often inspires him to write upon the alienness of his experiences.

Jude Chaminda Perera

Jude Chaminda Perera, is a CPA born in Sri Lanka and currently residing in Millpark, Melbourne. His imagination is fired by the colourful madness of an Asian tropical Isle and the more sedate change of pace in Down Under. His short fiction pieces have made appearances in Southlit Journal, Fiction 365, Hackwriters and The Fringe Magazine. His harrowing travel escapades have featured in the popular online travel magazine Travelmag.

L.P. Lee

Lee grew up moving between London and Seoul. Trained in Chinese and Anthropology, Lee enjoys exploring culture in her writing.

Marian O’Brien Paul

Born in the American Midwest, Marian O’Brien Paul lived four years in Turkey (one as a Fulbright lecturer in EFL at Ҫukurova University) and six-months in Ireland writing her dissertation. Retiring after twenty-five years teaching post-secondary writing and literature in Omaha, Nebraska, she moved to Chicago, Illinois, USA. Her recent poems appear at Yale Journal of Humanities in Medicine; line 7 of the Gathering Poem (Dublin); Midwest Prairie Review; www.sphericaltabby.com; and  http://www.borderbend.org/8/post/2013/08/listen.html. Two will appear in Pushing the Envelope: Epistolary Poems, coming soon from Lamar University Press, Texas.

Nadeem Zaman

Nadeem Zaman was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh. His fiction has appeared in China Grove Journal, 94 Creations, and Farmhouse Magazine. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago and the University of Louisville, where he is currently working on a PhD. in Post Colonial Studies and Fiction.

Reid Mitchell

Reid Mitchell is a New Orleanian teaching in China, at the Creative Writing Center of Sun Yat Sen University in Guangzhou.  He has published poems many places, including Asia Literary Review and Cha.

Sanjeev Sethi

Author of two well-received books of poetry, Suddenly For Someone (Atma Ram & Sons, Delhi 1988) and Nine Summers Later (Har-Anand, New Delhi 1997), SANJEEV SETHI (b: 1962) is a media person who at different phases of his career has written for various newspapers, magazines and journals. He has produced radio and television programs.

His poems have found a home in The London Magazine, Poetry Australia, 3 Quarks Daily, Indian Literature, Journal of the Poetry Society (India), The Indian P.E.N., Literature Alive, journal of the British Council (India), Delhi Gymkhana Club Ltd Centenary Souvenir, The Hindustan Times, The Hindu, and elsewhere. He lives in Mumbai.

Some poems are forthcoming in The Fortnightly Review and Solstice Literary Magazine.

Steve Rosse

In 1988 Steve Rosse took a break from a career in the New York City film and television industry for a three-month holiday on Phuket, an island off the Western coast of Thailand in the Andaman Sea.
He decided he liked Phuket more than he liked New York, and without any idea of what he’d do for a living, he took up residence on the island. He supported himself, and eventually his wife and children, for most of the next decade as a freelance journalist and columnist.
His column, “The Rock”, appeared in The Nation, Thailand’s Independent Newspaper, every Sunday for five years.
In 1997 he moved to Iowa for the surfing.

Xiaowen Zeng

Xiaowen Zeng received a M.A. in Literature from Nankai University, China and a M. S. in Information Technology from Syracuse University, US. She currently works as an IT Director in Toronto, Canada. She served as the vice chair and chair of Chinese Pen Society of Canada from 2004-2012. She has published many short stories, pieces of prose, poems, and essays. Her works have been included in a number of literature collections. She published three novels The Day Time Floating Journey, The Night is Still Young, and The Immigrant Years, a collection of novellas and short stories The Kilt and Clover, and a collection of prose Turn Your Back to the Moon.

She won a Central Daily News literature award in 1996, and a United Daily Literature Award in 2004. Her short story The Kilt and Clover was ranked in the 2009 Top 10 by the China Fiction Association. She also won the top prize awarded at The First Global Chinese Prose Competition in 2014.

She co-wrote and published, with Sun Bo, a 20 episode TV drama Invented in China, which won a Chinese Writers Erduosi Literature Award, a Zhongshan Cup Overseas Chinese Literature Award in 2011 and the 2011 Best TV Script Award given by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Radio, Film and Television. It was made into a 30 episode series re-titled Missing Your Hands and aired in Feb, 2014 in China.

Yu-Han Chao

Yu-Han (Eugenia) Chao was born and grew up in Taipei, Taiwan. She
received her BA from National Taiwan University and MFA from Penn
State. Her stories have appeared in Bellevue Literary Review, Zyzzyva,
and other venues. The Backwaters Press published her poetry collection
in 2008, and Dancing Girl Press, Imaginary Friend Press, and Boaat
Press published her chapbooks. Her website is www.yuhanchao.com

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