Instincts & Other Poems

by Bhavna Khemlani


When I am with you
I see you smile more
When I am with you
I feel your Heart’s happiness
When I am with you
I sense a completion
When I am with you
I go with the flow
When I am with you
Colors of your Aura vibrate
When I am with you
Our instincts multiply
When I am with you
I sense we are right
When I am with you
You make my Heart smile
When I am with you
I manifest our instincts unify.



Distinguishing true from false,
receiving clear messages
emotions that feel like turbulence
cradling the individual sensation within me;

No apologies to self,
just honor the feelings
committing to being a good listener
as the mind catapulted a weight of notions;

Understanding the true connection,
desires that come in the way of another
goals that become valuable ornaments for another
missing the moments spent as time is what we don’t have.

Which is important? Fulfilling goals or living feeling content,
no need to make things sugar coated
appreciate the gift of love and presence
waiting for you to embrace more serendipitous moments;

No difference between you and I,
true connection has no labels
it slowly learns and struggles to caress patience
for I have waited many life times to live this sensitivity.


Instincts & Other Poems

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