by Husain Abdulhay

Leave behind all that you’ve got before
This is not what you wished for

You are not to steal from rich to feed poor
Please replenish my glass just once more

Standing in front of mirror for two long hours
Preening yourself before you go out

Left empty-handed for what you did trawl
You pull out your fishing net inside with a big hole

Game is a win-win on scoreboard
Luck never knocks twice on your door

Shot missed from a close range poor frightened ball
But you got checkmated by an unmanned little horse

Pushing your way through a subway concourse
Ticket machine honks its horn

An apple thrown up in air finally falls
This is as if to play tug of war

This is not what I was pinning for
You are forced to engorge

This is not the kind of food to whet you paunch
You should gulp it down, don’t chunder, not at all

It is not supposed to reap what you did saw
You harvest sometimes weed in place of a bumper corn

To detour under force is not tantamount to tour de force
Nowhere will end up a scofflaw

To forge a porkpie hat for a tricorne
Traffic cones make you move at slow crawl

You are late for place you are bounced for
Please top up my glass I cannot bear it no more

Buying favor is cheaper than to shout taunt
Breaking a pot is much easier than making a clay form



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