Dreams of Old Shanghai

by Colin W. Campbell

Shanghai girl, Wang Xiudi
today you dream of days long gone.
Such times as sailing down the Yangtze
to a cold place, so far away from home,
strange world across a lonely sea.

Then China rising like a dream
brings, new times and many changes.
Now home, and held in high esteem
you even know three languages,
but what’s the one in which you dream?

Dreams of Old Shanghai took First Place in the Dreams in our Hearts, Double Five, competition and was also selected as the Editor’s Choice in Sol Magazine, Summer Edition 2006. It was read on Radio Sarawak, 2007 and at Yunnan University, 2011.

Editor’s Note on Dreams of Old Shanghai

Dreams of Old Shanghai is not Colin W. Campbell’s first piece in Eastlit. The following pieces of work have appeared in earlier Eastlit issues:

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