Some people ask why we publish literature in Georgia (font). Well the story goes like this:
Georgia: Eastlit FontWhen I set up Eastlit I spent quite a bit of time thinking about fonts and recognizing that while I had no clue about fonts, it would be important and should be both readable and identifiable. So I talked to a font designer who basically decried Times New Roman, praised the new at the time Google fonts and mentioned that Georgia was one of the few fonts that retained some quirkiness. I then read through the entire debate about should text be in sans serif or serif and at the time there was a leaning to forgetting conventional wisdom and going for sans serif. Then it was off to look at Google fonts. Oh so many of them and they looked as modern and boring as the new Google logo, plus for some reason they seemed to have occasional loading issues. Totally confused and procrastinating for ages, I finally found an obscure article that mentioned when reading e-books if people could select the font, the most commonly chosen font (around 35%) was Georgia. Well working on the people ain’t wrong, Georgia it was.


Note: Helvetica Neua is the font used on our Eastlit pages and announcements. Georgia is only used for published work.