The March issue will be out on March 1st. This one includes a variety of non-fiction. There are also the usual poetry and fiction. Plus in the March issue the second chapter of the Iron Butterfly will be run. The first chapter was in the January Eastlit.

Writers should hear about now whether we will be including their work. And thank you to all those who did submit what was a very varied selection this time.


It is nice to see more work coming in from Filipino writers. We have always wanted to have a strong representation from local as well as expat writers. Let’s hope this trend continues to some other countries. Please remember that are here to help non-native writers too. If you need some advice or editing help, please contact us.


Eastlit is looking at copy-editing what it publishes now to better help our writers.

We have also made a colour change to the background and a few words in the Eastlit tag-line. Please let us know if you have any comments on this either positive or negative!

Now we are moving into our fourth issue, we have made an archive section. Issues older than the current three will be moved to here. The December issue is the first moved.

Future Eastlit Issues.

We are still sticking with smaller issues for now. However, we hope within this to continue to bring variety. The coming issue will see more non-fiction.

We are taking submissions for our April and May issues now. Please feel free to send your work in.

Other News

We could still do with pictures for future issues if anyone is interested. Just contact us or send them in. Remember you retain copyright.

And that must be it for now, but

Finally, I’d like to thank Bryn for the extra work he has put in this month.

And on that note it is…