Supporting Local Writers in Asia

One of the aims of Eastlit is supporting the local writers of Asia, especially non-native English Asian writers and students. This support will be through giving exposure, advice, and coaching. It will also be through such things as competitions, exhibitions, workshops and even scholarships. The site will always remain free. Any revenue we do make in other ways will be directed to supporting local Asian writers once running costs are covered.

We aim to enable local Asian writers to say what they want. We are also committed to encouraging the expression of the different cultural and philosophical outlooks of the region. Eastlit gives free editorial support to local second language writers. We recognize how hard it is to write in a second language. And we want to encourage local writers to have the confidence to write in English.

Financial Support for Local Writers

Right now we are not in a position to offer financial support. However, we hope to see this change modestly in the coming years.

We are looking for partners, donors or commercial organizations who are willing to support both Eastlit and local Asian writers. We are also interested in running joint events with partners. These would be events that are of benefit to local writers and also our partners. Any money raised from events or donations will only be used to cover cost and support writers, poets and artists.

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