Anatomy Dichotomy and Others

by Susan Lewington

Anatomy Dichotomy

Steep Bundeena bush tramping

Indigenous rock carvings

sacred caves burial site

vigilant vines lumpy track

intractable cliff climbers

shrouded sylphs slipping stepping

support gnarled knotty trunks

another leads ant-like lines

we form a narrow sprite shrine

– I am at the back.


Sudden shrill sharp screech shocks screams

shouts shatter crystal salt air

birds fly off flapping horror

clustered hallowed girls

huddled with bedraggled scarves

pointing to salt soaked shallows

below catching breath, look see

what has wrought this commotion

thank goodness – noted muted

mirthful murmurs giggle.

Hushed voices some have bolted

others stopped to peer and gawk

like heaven’s messengers lost

Anatomy Dichotomy. Crescent and Star. Susan Lewingtonin their holy veils and smocked

pocket uniforms hidden

‘Move on Amanie, Sabah,

Madeeha’ I chide relief

alive, no cataclysm happened

on this auspicious cliff-top

ledge we slide and climb.


‘We haven’t got all day girls’

‘Ms Look, see? He’s got no clothes

on’ whispers Zainab pointing

through trees in contemplative

awe – gaze pursues her slender

hennaed finger pointed – where

I see a swimmer naked

standing in the joyful waves

oblivious of audience –

– invisible voyeurs.


Peek through acacia curtains

squinting in sun’s bedazzled

beams, covered in layer upon

layer hot cotton rigid rules

on this burning scorching day.

Poor souls. His perfect handsome

surfer’s body lashed by licking

waves, droplets, riverlets down

haunches bronzed by noble sun –

flaxen surfer boy


With bulging pecs body-surfs

God-given glory alone

with foam and flotsam

standing majestic splendid

white bubbles kiss naked skin,

blue eyes calm and free he can’t

hear muffled whispers breathlessly

admitting interest, he reaches

shallows, water runs in ripples

off Coke can abs


I sigh at this dichotomy

of physical anatomy –

a  shrouded teacher standing

glancing back with black burqa

being blown across her mouth


by a gust of carefree wind

–          It clings on hollow bones

she freezes on the crest it flaps

the image burns my soul somehow

woman – veiled black mask.


Viewer, viewed, free, chosen, all

bewitched with emboldened eyes

brazen flushed faces heated

vermillion   blushes, wide eyed

pursed lips numinous- I tell

flock to ‘Move along’ but them

cannot resist quick furtive

glances to their right – why not?


Must keep going forward.

They might

–              Slip.


As Dreams are Made Of. Crescent Dark. Susan LewingtonAs Dreams are Made Of

Saddha Inman Emunah –

makes gilded promises  gossamer wings

blissful existence  golden images    Nirvana

shameless angel convinces without conscience

signs  up for all time and beyond,  hope’s progeny

starves  dresses chides charms tells them  how to

think,  dream,  opposed to reason created creation.


Saddha Inman Emunah –

melted into air sweet air burning hell fire

they are awed yet serenely terrified reduced

hope trust belief havoc  tricks loves laments

chaos with burning heart,  condones  solemn temples

turns them  lures  them  into heaven  who else

can hear the angels hierarchies in awe  of them.


Saddha Inman Emunah-

wins hearts telling millions endless chanting

shall inherit peace  Earth  gives hope enchanted

promises of   harmony  Valhalla

creates rules punishes  ambiguous shaman

dangerous companion  kabbalah

rules with pointed finger – Oh crescent moon.


Editor’s Note on Anatomy Dichotomy and As Dreams are Made Of:

Anatomy Dichotomy and As Dreams are Made Of are not the first poems that Susan Lewington has had published in Eastlit. Apart from these, she has previously featured work as listed:

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