High School Sweetheart

by Claire Yu Li Lim

Part I
it was years ago
the days of green trousers
and blue pinafores
of peeking out of the classroom window
watching you win at lompat tinggi
while Mr Tee
taught us about right angles
and acute angles
and i would laugh about
how we were right for each other
and a cute couple

it is strange how i can only
write about this now
that i can remember the sunlight
turning your eyes into molten pools
of light brown
as you leaned down—
in that sweet shaded spot
where the lompat tinggi (stand) stood—
for a kiss
that tasted like the sunlight

Part II
did you know
i cried when you left
for a faraway land
but the tears
lasted only a little while
and soon the phone calls
lasted only a little while

and i tried
to stay a part of your day;
and you a part of my night
but sure enough
the dusk began its
Part III

those days of green trousers and
blue pinafores
are buried in the
memories that we try
to forget
or at least laugh at

the memory of
and the lompat tinggi
still makes the sunlight
feel unfathomably


High School Sweetheart

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