Tradition versus Modernization

by  Rajeswari Surisetty

Tradition versus Modernization

Extracting bitter juice by crushing and chewing me…
I danced according to your hand movement with a frayed end of mine;
Your teeth were protected from decay and gum disease
Now, I am commuted with colourful bristled brushes.
I am a little Neem Twig , left by you from your lives.

Crunching and grinding sounds of my sister Pestle and mine….
We almost echoed throughout the season by well powdering dry red chillies and wet rice
But, we the Mortar and Pestle were thrown into the Corner of your backyards
However, we are replaced with electric Grinders and Mixers.

Grinding the soaked black gram well, mother used to shape me on her smooth palms
Dipped me into a fully oiled pan, brought out to allure you for few crunchy bites
I, the Vadah Pav…. was missed in your meal plates …
It is alternated with Pizzas and Burgers.

Mixing well with turmeric powder, applied and rubbed on your body
Resulted the glow to your skin, and you were praised for by everybody
I, the traditional Bath Powder was ousted from your toilettes…
I was usurped by scent flavoured soaps and body lotions.

Plucking me freshly from the plantain trees, spread on the floor..
Served hot rice and delicious dishes gave you an immense pleasure
Made you appetite by my sight, added purity to your mind.
I , the greenly Banana Leaf..was swapped and simulated..
Highly exchanged with paper rolls and plastic plates.
Although, we are forgotten, yet we don’t slip from your memories
Though, we are obliterated, still we don’t escape from your good books
Even though, we are hard to be remembered, we are depicted into your reminiscences.


My Consciousness

Oh, Consciousness!!
I am ever taken into your lap of comfort
And it’s you, to make my soul to search for a divine mate.

My affairs in this world meet with unending woes
But …surely, it’s you that soothes.

I forever, run in the desirous lands to manifests our wickedness in many sorts
Yet .. it’s you made me realise to become a man of denying lusts

My entangled relations with this physical world are purely perplexed and illusioned’s you hold me by the hand to take me to the Almighty;
As I realised that …None prayers of mine are unconcealed , unheard and unanswered

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