Random Kindness & Other Poems

by Khor Hui Min

Random Kindness

Over distances, time and space
Vivid memory of your face
As if we only met last night
In the dim glow of the street lights
Luminous eyes reached out through rain
As if you felt the loss and pain
The comfort of your umbrella
A faint hint of sweet vanilla
Stranger’s random act of kindness
Restored my faith in selflessness



Beautiful are its feathers
Immaculately preened
As if nothing matters
Other than vanity mean

Powdered beaks – matted shine
Curled lashes – softly fluttering
To melt any heart, to be mine
Mere illusory; demurring

Divine angel or chimera?
Will you be but mine
Caught in your blinding aura
Helpless; your clutches bind


Fond Memories

Collated in faded dusty albums
Countless fond memories of days past
Photographs of us, dad and mum

Thick album pages, made to last
Images of family for years beyond
Hold them safe and fast

Showing kindred spirits; ties and bonds
Yellowing photos in yellowing pages
For gazing, with recollections fond

From thence we grew through the ages
As our parents grew old and grey
The passage of time winds through its pages

Blood flows thicker than water, day by day
Forget not this saying, come what may


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