Eastlit Writers December 2014

The list of Eastlit Writers December 2014 is alphabetical by first name:

Andrew J. West

Andrew J. West is a Bangkok-based writer and artist who has written extensively about Thai art, including as an art critic for Bangkok Post,and is also a writer of fiction. He is author of the forthcoming Thai Directory of Contemporary Artists (expected 2015) and Destiny to Imagination: Prateep Kochabua (2013) and Thai Neotraditional Art (expected 2015). His art fiction novel Silpa: the Art of Love (Ruk Nai Roy Silp) was published in the Thai language in 2008, and several short stories have appeared in Eastlit as well as in the Italian language inStorie magazine. His first solo art exhibition, Three Worlds, of “photo-poetry” was shown at the prestigious Bangkok Art and Culture Centre (BACC) in 2014. West was born in 1967 in Armidale, NSW, Australia, and studied writing and journalism at the University of Western Sydney (UWS), graduating with an MA (Writing). West has been living in Thailand since 2003, teaches at the National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) and has guest lectured in art criticism at Silpakorn University.

Daniel Emlyn-Jones

Daniel Emlyn-Jones is a 40-year old freelance teacher who lives and works in Oxford, UK. He loves and frequently visits Singapore, and has published several short stories with a Singaporean theme, in Eastlit, Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, and Anak Sastra. He is planning on publishing these as a collection in 2015. Daniel is experimenting writing in different genres, and his short story ‘Lily’s Grave’, on the theme of youth homelessness, was recently shortlisted for the SASH short story competition (SASH is a UK charity working to combat youth homelessness).

Ganggang Guidice

Ganggang Guidice is a software engineer, writer and artist. She was born and grew up in Beijing, China and moved to Atlanta, Georgia after receiving a MS in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania. Her prose, poems and music reviews have been published in multiple languages since 2003. Her artwork has been seen in exhibitions worldwide. She also enjoys singing and making music videos.

Gonzalinho da Costa

Gonzalinho da Costa is the pen name of Joseph I. B. Gonzales, Ph.D. He teaches Methods of Research in Management, and Managerial Statistics at the Ateneo Graduate School of Business, Makati City, Philippines. He is a management research and communication consultant, and Managing Director of Technikos Consulting, Inc. A lover of world literature, he has completed three humanities degrees and writes poetry as a hobby.

Iain Maloney

Iain Maloney’s debut novel, First Time Solo, is out now on Freight Books. He is also co-editor of In The Empty Places, a collection of short stories and art for Bantuan Coffee Foundation who provide safe houses and education scholarships for the victims of child prostitution in Indonesia. @intheemptyplace .www.iainmaloney.wordpress.com

James Underwood

James Underwood is a poet and English teacher from the Great Lake State of Michigan. After graduating from UMBC in 1995 with a BA in English Literature, he moved to Southeast Asia, where he has lived and travelled since.

Keith Nunes

Keith Nunes (New Zealand) is a former journalist who has travelled extensively through the East and South-East Asia region. He fell in love with Asia in 1984 when he went from Indonesia through South-East Asia to China and then flew to Nepal spending time in India and Pakistan. In 1999 he had a wonderful time in Vietnam, where his poem originated. He met his wife while travelling in the country. He has had poems published widely in his home country and in the UK and US.

Lu Yu

Lu Yu, grow up in North China but now lives in Oslo,Norway. Lu Yu is a poet and a painter.

The mission of Lu Yu’s arts is to meditate the inner world into visual landscape in forms of peotry and watercolour paintings. Those visuals constantly reflect Lu Yu’s reshaping inner universe and spiritual experience which renders Lu Yu’s Chinese blood into Norwegian landscape.

Minglu Zeng

Minglu Zeng was born in a small town in China. Minglu Zeng started writing poetry while in primary school and continued in college and received a bachelor’s degree in Chinese Literature and Linguistics and a master’s degree in Ancient Chinese Linguistics from Peking University.  Minglu Zeng migrated to the United States in 1989. Though primarily a computer programmer, Minglu Zeng pursues creative writing as a second career.  So far Minglu Zeng has published Chinese poetry and prose collections, novels, and short stories and has won several literary awards. Works have also been published in several anthologies by the overseas Chinese authors.

The English translator is Dajian Wang, who was born in Xian City, China.  He has a Ph.D. in language education from the University of Arizona and extensive experience teaching English composition to American and international students. He is currently an English professor in Taiwan.

Vasan Sitthiket

Vasan Sitthiket has built his artistic career on confronting the establishment and addressing taboo social and political issues—both national and international. Vasan, who has become known as the country’s enfant terrible, was presented the Silpathorn Award (Thailand’s highest art award) in 2007 from Ministry of Culture’s Office of Contemporary Art and Culture. He is one of Thailand’s best-known artists at home and abroad.

William Marr

William Marr (Chinese pen name Fei Ma) has published 21 volumes of poetry (two in English and the rest in his native Chinese language), 2 books of essays and several books of translations. His poems are included in over one hundred anthologies, including 300 Best New Poems 1917-1995, published in Taiwan, and 300 Best Chinese New Poems, published in China.  His poetry has been translated into more than ten languages and appears in many high school and college literary textbooks in Taiwan, China, England, and Germany.  In addition to writing poetry, he has also engaged in translating Western modern poetry into Chinese and has edited several anthologies of Chinese and Taiwanese modern poetry.   He is a former president of the Illinois State Poetry Society and has received numerous awards, including three from Taiwan for his poetry and translations.  A PhD recipient and a scientific researcher by profession, he has been in recent years pursuing other artistic interests including painting and sculpting and has held several solo as well as group exhibits in the U.S. and China. His Website, The Art World of William Marr (http://feima.yidian.org/) displays some of his important literary and artistic works.

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