The Happiness Within & Other Poems

by Khor Hui Min

The Happiness Within

Happiness; ‘tis an age-old pursuit
Humanity’s constant search
Would you rather refute?
Looking, high as the bird’s perch

How much for happiness?
Per chance a billion or two?
How much for completeness?
To make one whole; goodbye woe?

What does it take?
Conquer the highest mountain?
Swim to the abyss of a lake?
Drink from eternal youth’s fountain?

Who can bequeath it?
A father or mother?
The best mate; perfect fit?
Or why does one bother?

Happiness; ‘tis not a void
To be filled and quenched
A gaping hollow; fixed by Freud
Or a deal to be clinched

Happiness comes from within
From the heart and soul; enduring
Fulfilment sprouts from therein
Life enriched; love encompassing


Dance of the Sea

A marvel of beauty and grace
In a garment of liquid lace
Expressive pirouettes; unfaltering
Enraptured in melody; pleasing
Existing only for the moment
In an intoxicating sea of movement
Living only to dance; shrouded in song
Where muses and sirens belong
Rhythmic figures of the deep
The ensemble that never sleeps


In Between

In between
Slumber and wakefulness

In between
Consciousness and unconsciousness

In between
Brightness and shadow

In between
Light and dark

In between
Sight and imagination

Was it there?
Or was it a dream?

Can we see beyond
Our limitations?

Or are we forever rooted
To the confines of our mind?


Editor’s Note on The Happiness Within & Other Poems

The Happiness Within & Other Poems is not the first work Khor Hui Min has had published by Eastlit. His other pieces are:

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