◎Memory of Soil

by Xu Xing

Translated by Huaying mr

◎Memory of Soil

I saw my father by the village river band
holding warmly soil from a year old farm ground

Sun light slipping through his callused hand
As the golden smile shining on his face

This is since my return

First solemnly happiness my father has shown
Which I then now understand

Reason of a pinch of dark soil inside my travel bag  

load in by my father hand every time I set off from my homely land
As suffering has follow father for his life time
So are these dusty soil
As he witness the soil invaded by the shaking ground
The same family sorrow he has shared

Sadly alone in his room

Suffering in great pain
The old man join himself to the homely dirt as a single soul


Under the midnight moon
Again I take out the pinch of dark soil given by my father ten years ago
Kneel down under his shadow

Rise up the warm and homely soil over my head
Together in heart
Praying to the cloud of mountain hill

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