Shadow and Light

by Sunil Sharma

On the beach,

It is dusk.

The dipping sun says a hurried bye

To the shore and the sea.

Shadows hug the beach and stragglers alike,

The sea is a dark monster hissing to a black sky,

The tall palms and other tress become giants unidentified.

At the first light, however,

The baby sun arrives, taking slow steps

Across an orange sky, lighting up all those very things

That you could not earlier recognize.

A perpetual play, time immemorial,

This great drama of shadow-n-light,

Like the Son et lumiere,

Blending, separating, fusing every day and night,

Dying and getting resurrected;

Both states are not permanent, dear,

Gloom and brilliance in life,

Everything is in a constant flux,

Darkness after light, and,

After darkness, there is always light.

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