Five Poems

by Rose Lu

It’s Neither Frivolous Nor Drifty

Water in the river swells over its banks
Willow branches brush the water
It’s neither frivolous nor drifty

Water in the ocean embraces the beaches
Waves caress the reefs
It’s neither frivolous nor drifty


A Fan

One side is spring the other autumn
you are the spring I the autumn

the spring and the autumn
on opposite sides of a paper
or the distance
between the corners of the world

spring and autumn
with temperatures alike
yet never belong
to the same season



May or June
the rain is gentle so is the wind
in the sleepy alley
myths are written all over the walls

a woman, leaning against the window
bathes herself in the afternoon sun
at the other end of the alley
a pair of eyes appear
bright and hot as July

gazing from May or June
into the distant October or November
beautiful lines are constantly being inscribed
on the walls in the sleepy alley


Bride of Spring

I don’t know what kind of fan spring uses
to fan green the grass to fan red the flowers
I don’t know what kind of comb spring uses
to comb gardens and streets into beautiful sceneries
I only know in my garden
a splendid rose is blooming
at the most eye-catching spot
on the street a greeting float
is coming from the direction of bird flight

O spring is so sweet and charming
I want to be the bride of spring


Your Autumn Leaves, My Water

Leaves from your tree
scattered onto my yard
water from my house
soaked your lawn

Even on the dividing line
It’s hard to define
Which side is yours,
Which side is mine.

The fallen leaves, if you want,
I can pick them up
And give them back to you

But you can’t return
The water from my house
That ran into your lawn

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