Eastlit January Issue

January Issue

Well the January issue of Eastlit is now out. It is out a day early too! We hope that you will enjoy this collection of work as much as we did.This time as well as poetry and stories, there is also an extract from a novel and a non-fiction piece. It is nice to be able to add variety in our second issue. If you would like to go staright to the contents page click here.


We are now accepting submissions for our February and March issues. Eastlit will add book reviews in the next journal. Please send your work in as soon as you can for our consideration. We are also accepting work for issue three from authors we published in issue one.

Publishing as Received

Being a monthly publication we publish pieces by native writers as we receive them. For non-native writers we will make editorial suggestions for the authors consideration. However, we will never change the actual content without the authors consent. We also understand that misuse of word, grammar or incorrect spelling may be part of the artistic expression of the author. However, if you do see any errors, typos or things that do not make sense in what we at Eastlit write, please do let us know. It is appreciated. We are a small team working to a tight deadline and sometimes errors do occur.


Well the New Year is here and the world did not end. We are hoping this new year will allow us to unearth a few new writers and some unique content from across the region. There certainly is a growth in English literature in Asia and it is just great to be a small part of it. This year we will continue with the format and styles we have established. We also hope though to build on our start and launch some new initiatives as the year moves on. We do welcome feedback, comments and ideas. Please carry on sending them in to us. We cannot act on every one, but we do consider them all.


I would like to wish everyone all the best for 2013. I would also like to thank our contributors and readers to date for supporting Eastlit in its early days. Enough from me.