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Eastlit July 2013 issue is now out. This Eastlit issue features fiction, poetry and non-fiction. It also has the third part of the series: How not to Write. There is also a novel extract. All work is from across East Asia, South East Asia or connected to it. If you have a minute, please take a look at our unique cover design below. We like to think our covers may be of interest. They are also a feature that attract interest and comment. Maybe they are a little unique to Eastlit.

Eastlit July 2013: Volume 2, Issue 8. Eastlit July 2013 issue has the picture Rising by Sinlaratn Soontornviset as the cover image. The July 2013 issue was designed by Graham Lawrence. This issue was the first one that did not have an editorial. It had the third part of the Steve Rosse series. This is called How not to Write. The pieces of work are: Struck. The Hint of June. The Bird. The Seventeen’s. O-Bon. Claw. Greener Being. Release. Traffic. Wane. Ramirez. Fallen Blossoms. The Old Lake Port. Nature’s Care. Morning. Nature Conflicts. Reverence. Perseverance. Your Hands. All Night. Descends. Smile. The Soul of Shiloh 2. This was the eighth issue of Eastlit. It was the first issue after Bryn Tennant had left Eastlit. But it was the first one before the editorial board were involved in decision making. IT is therefore a very personal one for Graham Lawrence. Eastlit July 2013 was the first to feature on the Android application. In many ways this issue was the end of something and also the start of something new. The concept of Eastlit Live was also founded at this time. The future very much balances with the past in this issue.

This months cover picture is Rising and is by Sinlaratn Soontornviset.

The Eastlit July 2013 issue cover design is by Graham Lawrence.

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