Eastlit Writers July 2014

The list of Eastlit writers July 2014 is alphabetical by first name.

 Bob D’ Costa

Poet, author educationistauthor of four books of poems, A Brutal Sunset, The Ten Commandments, Gods on Earth, Dark Roots writing on love, protest, social issues and quest into philosophy; Genres of novels are literary fiction, romance, mystery, paranormal and partly psychological. Two novels, Love and Life in a Changing City in paperback formand No New Mail but Mail from a New Girl and Bruce & Rachnee… diary entry of lovers after death in e-book from.

K. A. Abbas categorized Bob’s poems to those of Walt Whitman, Pablo Neruda, Majaz, Mayakovsky, Sardar Jaffri, Faiz Ahmed Faiz. Dr. Krishna Srinivas commented on Bob as Federick Lorca of India. Rosemary C. Wilkinson, Secretary, World Academy of Arts and Culture, California categorized Bob’s poems to those of Bob Dylan.

Bob gives poetry readings at gatherings and takes writers for retreats in the lap of nature. He is also a founding member of Asia Pacific Writers & Translators Association.

Bob teaches English to students from Classes IV-XII, English for SAT, IELTS, TOEFL and is also a Counsellor to students going for higher studies to the US.


Colin W. Campbell

Originally from Scotland, today Colin is ever-so-lucky to be able to divide his year between homes in Sarawak on the lovely green island of Borneo and faraway in Yunnan in southwest China. He writes short fiction and poetry and spends far too much time on www.colincampbell.org and www.shortstory.mobi.

Connla Stokes

Connla Stokes is a Dublin-born, Vietnam-based all-weather writer. His fiction has been published by Barcelona Review, Prick of the Spindle, Total Cardboard, Sleepers Almanac and Zouch Magazine.

David Tneh

David is a Malaysian and an academician whose creative writings have been published in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and the United States. His poetry has been published in anthologies and international journals such as the Asiatic, Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, Transnational Literature, and In Our Own Words Vol. 7(2007). He is a PhD candidate at the Department of English, University of Malaya and currently an associate dean at the Faculty of Creative Industries, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), Malaysia.

Felix Fojas

Felix Fojas is an award-winning, internationally published writer. He co-hosts Pinoy
Poets’ Circle, a literary website.

He has a BA in English and Comparative Literature and an MA in Linguistics and Literature. Felix has published two collections of poems: Port of Entry (1985) andConfabulations (1990). He is a member of the Philippine Literary Arts Council
and P.E.N. International.

Poems by Felix Fojas have appeared, among others, in Paris/Atlantic Journal, Evergreen Review, Anthology Magazine, and Writers’ Journal. Lives in Canoga Park, Southern California.

Jeff Zroback

Jeff Zroback is a founding co-editor of Cha: An Asian Literary Journal (www.asiancha.com).

Khanh Ha

Khanh Ha is the author of Flesh (2012, Black Heron Press) and The Demon Who Peddled Longing (November 2014,  Underground Voices). He is a three-time Pushcart nominee and the recipient of Greensboro Review’s 2014 Robert Watson Literary Prize in Fiction. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Waccamaw Journal, storySouth, Greensboro Review,Permafrost Magazine, Saint Ann’s Review, Moon City Review, The Long Story, Red Savina Review, DUCTS, ARDOR, Lunch Ticket, Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, Sugar Mule, Yellow Medicine Review, Printer’s Devil Review, Mount Hope, Little Curlew Press, and other fine journals.

Louie Clay

Editors have published 2,335 of his essays, poems and photographs. He is an emeritus professor at Rutgers and lives in East Orange, NJ.

You can follow Clay’s work at http://rci.rutgers.edu/~lcrew/pubs.html

See also http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louie_Crew. The University of Michigan collects Clay’s papers.

Robert Wexelblatt

Robert Wexelblatt is professor of humanities at Boston University’s College of General Studies.  He has published essays, stories, and poems in a variety of journals, two story collections, Life in the Temperate Zone and The Decline of Our Neighborhood, a book of essays, Professors at Play, a short novel, Losses, and a chapbook, The Derangement of Jules Torquemal. His novel, Zublinka Among Women, won the Indie Book Awards First Prize for Fiction.  A collection of stories, The Artist Wears Rough Clothing, is forthcoming.

Stefanie Field

Stefanie Field is a graduate student pursuing a Master’s Degree in International Relations in Bangkok, Thailand.  She also works as an intern at Human Development Forum Foundation.  She hopes to become fluent in Thai and Japanese to translate Asian literature in the future.

T-net Quiring

T-net Quiring is a graduate of Economics from the University of the Philippines. She has been a banker for seven years. She writes short stories, rooted from passion and self-expression.

Tony Concannon

Tony Concannon grew up in Massachusetts. After graduating from college with a degree in English and American Literature, he taught in Japan for the next 18 years. Since returning to the United States, he has been working in human services. Stories of his have appeared in Litro, The Taproot Literary Review, Eastlit, Nazar Look and Down in the Dirt.

Xenia Taiga

Xenia Taiga lives in southern China. Her work is in Crack the Spine, Industry Night Literary, Four Way Review, Pithead Chapel, The Molotov Cocktail, The Font, Storm Cellar Quarterly, and other beautiful places. More from Xenia can be found on her website.

Zara Adcock

Zara Adcock writes fantasy, poetry, and reviews. She is the children’s fiction writer for Approachmagazine where her popular serials such as The Giant Bookworm feature. She is also the book reviewer for Approach and actively encourages Children’s/MG/YA authors, publishers and booksellers to contact her for reviews. Zara’s work has been published in The Review Review, and on her website, www.zara-adcock.com .

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