Third World Dreamer & Other Poems

by Penn House

Third World Dreamer

Sleep my fear—please sleep before me. This third world dreamer has nothing but her dream so please, please, please my fear, hide under the covers and give me this hour—please, please. Please let me dream…

I sip the cold coffee from my broken mug. My lips sift the undissolved powder until the bitter liquid reaches my tongue. I hold my paper out to the thread of fire. Watching it burn, I feel the hot liquid melting from my eyes, scarring my skin darkened by the sun.

I let the flaming paper land on the tens and hundreds of manuscripts that had taken hundreds and thousands of hours of my damned life. I raise the mug to my parched mouth, sifting the undissolved ashes until the heated coffee burns my tongue.

Sleep my dream—please sleep after me. This third world dreamer has nothing but her fear so please, please, please my dream, hide under the burn papers and give me this hour—please, please. Please let me fear…


Lost in Translation

I’ll let the world translate
That I am giving up today
I desperately want you near
That’s why I have to disappear

I hope this pain dissipates
With the words we can’t translate
I hope it goes with all the fears
And everything else that you refused to hear



Dear insanity
Put me under your custody
This reality’s
Decomposing me
My refuge, my enemy
My folly, my tragedy
My dear insanity
I’m calling, I’m bidding
I’m pleading, I’m begging
Dearest insanity, please come into me


My Muse

When love veneers
Beyond world’s dark atmosphere
When the space found its star
When body was set apart from heart

The soul received the meteor rain
With the mind aboard a plane
My feet will never touch the land
Until my hands reach your hands

Thunders stormed and lightnings struck
I had caught all the rocks
I went down but I went back up
So I could meet you at the top

One day my world will shake
And finally be awake
But that time, Reality and dream will fuse
When the artist met its muse


Empty Mind

There’s no water only moisture
My brain turned glass after torture
Disaster; the picture
My head starts to crack
I saw my fingers
I am a writer, a dreamer
With mind riding in a roller coaster
Until a seizure
I falter, a disease attacked
I am a liar with no future
My head always stops
I tried to be a fighter
I move forward
But once again I’m trapped
I looked at this paper
It is a disaster
It ended up a crap

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