Eastlit Writers June 2015

The list of Eastlit Writers June 2015 is alphabetical by first name:

Dajian Wang

Dajian Wang is a native Chinese and a US citizen. With a Ph.D. in language education from the University of Arizona. He is currently teaching English writing at a college in Taiwan. Dajian writes Chinese poems and has only recently begun translating poetry and short fiction into English, including “A Descendant of Emperor Shang Tang” by Minglu Zeng ( Dec. /2014 of Eastlit) as well as a few of her poems (Feb. /2015 of Eastlit; 2/ 1/2015 of GUWAHATIAN‏).

Hina Ahmed

Hina Ahmed is a Pakistani American. Her parents immigrated to America in the 1980’s and she grew up mostly in Upstate New York. Most of her short stories, poetry, and novel pursuits stem from her multicultural identity. She often explores concepts of race, religion, and culture within her work. She loves to write poetry, short stories, and is attempting to complete and publish her second novel this upcoming year.

Joy Stoffers

Joy Stoffers was raised in East Brunswick, NJ, by a Taiwanese mother and a Caucasian father. At the age of six, she wrote, illustrated, and promptly recycled her first short story. Since then she has dreamed of becoming a novelist. In November 2015, Harken Media will be publishing her debut novel. She currently pursues an MA in Creative Writing at Newcastle University, England.

Liu Ying

Liu Ying, male, was born in Feb, 1988, ‍Jiangsu province, China. English is his first foreign language, while Japanese is the second one. Majoring in English, he received the degree Bachelor of Arts in June, 2009. For his further education, he studied Foreign Linguistics and Applied Linguistics for three years and received the degree Master of Arts in 2012. He used to work in an international travel agency in Shanghai, China for two years. Since May, 2013, He has been teaching English in Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages in Zhejiang Province, China.

Mai Văn Phấn

Nai Van Phan. Eastlit June 2014Born in 1955 in Kim Son, Ninh Binh province, Mai Van Phan now lives and writes in Hai Phong City. He has won several literary awards in Vietnam and published 14 books of poetry: Giot nang (Drops of Sunlight, 1992); Goi xanh (Calling to the Blue, 1995); Cau nguyen ban mai (Prayers to Dawn, 1997); Nghi le nhan ten (Ritual of Naming, 1999); Nguoi cung thoi (People of the Era, 1999); Vach nuoc (Water Wall, 2003); Hom sau (The Day After, 2009); va dot nhien gio thoi (and Suddenly the Wind Blows, 2009); Bau troi khong mai che (Vietnamese-only version of Firmament Without Roof Cover, 2010); Tho tuyen Mai Van Phan (Mai Van Phan: Selected Poems) (poetry, essays and the interviews, 2011); hoa giau mat (hidden-face Flower, 2012); Bau troi khong mai che/ Firmament Without Roof Cover (bilingual 2nd edition, 2012), and Vua sinh ra o do (Just Born There, 2013), Nhung hat giong cua dem va ngay/ Seeds of Night and Day (2013), Buông tay cho trời rạng/ Out of the Dark (2013), Vowels in the dew/ Những nguyên âm trong sương sớm (in the Albanian, 2014).

Michael Paul Hogan

Born in London, Michael is a poet and journalist who has lived and worked in England, the US, India, Sumatra, Java, Thailand and China. His collected poems, American Voodoo, was published by the Foreign Languages Press in Beijing in 2010. He is currently Features Editor of Georgia Today, published out of Atlanta, GA, and lives with his wife in NE China.

P C K Prem

A trilingual author of more than forty five books in English and Hindi, P C K Prem (p c katoch of Malkher Garh-Palampur, Himachal) post-graduated in English literature in 1970, taught English in various colleges of Punjab and Himachal before shifting to civil services and after retiring from IAS, served as Member, HP Public Service Commission.   Katoch Prem is  a poet, novelist, short story writer, essayist, translator and critic in English from Himachal Pradesh, India.

Percy Bharucha

Percy Bharucha is a Young India Fellow, and has been writing since he discovered he couldn’t draw. He has been published in eFiction, eFitcion India and has another short story coming out in an upcoming anthology. He has a full time job in advertising and hopes to keep it that way.

Rahad Abir

Born and bred in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Rahad Abir is a fiction writer. While studying English Literature at university, he began writing short stories in his native language, Bengali. He has worked as journalist, university teacher and interpreter. His short stories have appeared in The Penmen Review, Aerodrome and Toad Suck Review. His wining story ‘‘I am in London’’ is appearing in an anthology. Currently he is working on a novel.

Reed Venrick


Sze-Leng Tan

Sze-Leng Tan is an academic and writer of poems and short stories. Her poems were published in The Malaysian Poetic Chronicles.

Wen Zhang

Wen Zhang was born in China. She came to Canada in 1987 as a graduate student in science. In 1995, she finished her PhD and started to work in the research brunch of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada. With a full-time job Wen Zhang spend most of her spare time in creative writing, all in Chinese. She has published three novels and one prose collections. The novel <Jasmine Girl> won the second position of “Jing Dong cup” literacy awards in 2014. This article is the first of Wen Zhang’s English writing.


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