This Evening & Other Poems

by William Marr

This Evening

there must be tentacles
extending into this evening
from some damp, dark corners

winds coming from the east
rains coming from the east



stepped on
a tail

what’s the matter
with this guy
I am sure
it was the tail
of a cat


Looking at a Chinese Painting

— “A Herd of Deer in the Autumn Woods” from the period of 907-979

a heartthrob
jumping from the tip
of a horn
onto the treetop

it roars and
the entire


Night Cruise

suddenly recalls
hometown’s typhoon season
the bold delight in greeting the gale

so he steps on his gas pedal
and sticks his hot head out
of the car
into the radius of the typhoon
in the dead street

a red flower blooms brilliantly in his heart
as the police light flares up
from a dark corner


Still Life

with soaring meat prices
half an orange
and a few
now occupy
the entire dining table

how long can this pretended calm last
when all around
rumblings of empty stomachs
burst out


Editor’s Note on This Evening & Other Poems:

This Evening & Other Poems is not the first set of poems that Eastlit have published by William Marr.

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