Rose Lu Poems

by Rose Lu

The Star and the Sea

Unaware of its depth,
The star in love with the sea,
Twinkles her eyes
To take a look
Two eyes twinkle in concert
Doomed to descend to the human world
Flies down in a knife of dawn
What a pity! It’s just a dream.


Step onto Shore

No, I can’t go on any more
Distant and uncertain is the sea
So I have to cherish my cravings in my heart.

No, I can’t go on any more
So I just present a photo 
To accompany the sea

No, I can’t go on any more
Unable to swim
What waiting for me is mostly fatality.

No, I’m not afraid of death
But that there would be more storms
And less tranquility
On the sea without me



Seeing your back fade away into the yonder
I felt my heart trembling
How I wished you would turn back
Or leave a thread of tenderness behind

But you are you
I saw you off with my tear-blurred eyes
Oh, so cold! Is it after all
The scorching summer
Or the icy winter? 


Near and Far

Approaching, in haste
Getting near
After all
Truly near

Far so unknownly far away
That we’ve become strangers
become strangers?


Editor’s Note on Rose Lu Poems:

Rose Lu Poems is not the first collection that Rose Lu has had published in Eastlit. Apart from Rose Lu Poems, she has previously featured work as listed:

  • Five poems published in the April 2013 issue of Eastlit.
  • Three poems published in the July 2013 issue of Eastlit.
  • Rose Lu Poetry: a collection of 4 poems published in the October 2013 issue of Eastlit.
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