Southlit Supplement March 2016

Southlit Supplement March 2016

Southlit Supplement March 2016 features the latest offerings from Southlit in the ongoing new monthly series in Eastlit. It covers creative writing, literature and artwork focused on South Asia. All of us at Eastlit hope that you enjoy the poetry, fiction and artwork in Southlit Supplement March 2016. The banner picture is courtesy of Gill Morris.

Southlit Supplement March 2016 Table of Contents:

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Southlit: Information about the history and development of Southlit, the exact countries it covers and submissions.

Punjabi Schoolyard by Aidan Chafe.

Two Minutes to an Eclipse by Anshu Choudhry.

Calais by Dilantha Gunawardana.

This month’s random republication in the Southlit Supplement is:

Mr. Ranjan’s Student by Nadeem Zaman is our Random Republication from Southlti Supplement in this issue. Mr. Ranjan’s Student featured in Eastlit March 2015.

About the Work:

As with Eastlit, the Southlit Supplement publishes work as received. We do not edit the poetry, fiction and non-fiction submitted. If you submit, make sure your work is ready to be published.

All work published on the Eastlit website, e-magazine or e-book is done so under license from the copyright holder.

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