Eastlit May 2015

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Asian poetry, Asian fiction, Asian non-fiction, Asian Art or other creative works from or connected to East and South East Asia.

Eastlit May 2015 Cover. Picture:  Famed Varanasi Bull at Dashawamedh Ghat by Jhilam. Cover design by Graham Lawrence. Copyright photographer, Eastlit and Graham Lawrence.


Eastlit May 2015 is now out. Eastlit May 2015 includes fiction, poetry and artwork. This issue also features another Southlit supplement. At Eastlit we are continuing to randomly republish old submissions. All of this Asian creative writing and Asian artwork in Eastlit is focused on East Asia or South East Asia. In the Southlit Supplement, the poetry, fiction and art focuses on South Asia. Please also take a look at our unique Eastlit cover design for May 2015 above.

This months cover picture for Eastlit is The Famed Varanasi Bull at Dashawamedh Ghat by Jhilam.

Eastlit May 2015 introduces nine writers, poets or artists new to Eastlit. Thanks to all of you and good luck in your future career. We would like to also thank all of our regular contributors who have featured in Eastlit before. The Eastlit May 2015 cover design is by Graham Lawrence.

©copyright 2015 Eastlit and contributors to Eastlit.

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