Eastlit Writers May 2015

The list of Eastlit Writers May 2015 is alphabetical by first name:

Colin W. Campbell

Originally from Scotland, today Colin is ever-so-lucky to be able to divide his year between homes in Sarawak on the lovely green island of Borneo and faraway in Yunnan in southwest China. He writes short fiction and poetry and spends far too much time on www.colincampbell.org and www.shortstory.mobi.

Fred Wong


Gopal Lahiri

Gopal Lahiri was born and grew up in Kolkata. He currently lives in Mumbai, India. He is a bilingual poet, writer, editor, critic and translator and widely published in Bengali and English language. Anthology appearances (among others) includes National Treasures, Indus Valley, A posy of poesy, Concerto, Poet’s paradise, My dazzling Bards, The Silence within, Indo-Australian Anthology, Homebound, The Dance of the Peacock, Illuminations. His works have featured in journals Indian Literature, Taj Mahal Review, CLRI, Haiku Journal and electronic publications Arts and Letters, Underground Window, Muse India, Poetry Stop, Debug. He has jointly edited the anthology Scaling Heights.

Jake Dennis

Jake Dennis is a second generation Burmese migrant to Perth, Western Australia. He won an Academic Merit scholarship to Curtin University where he became the 2009 Editor of Grok Magazine and graduated in 2010 with a BA in Communication and Cultural Studies. His poetry has been published in Art Australia Monthly, Cordite Poetry Review, The Disappearing App, Landscapes, Lost Coast Review USA, Poetry NZ, Structo UK, Tamba, Voiceworks, and Wet Ink. Jake Dennis has performed as a jazz singer with Mint Jazz Band at The Ellington, Forest Chase, Naked and Wild Fig Cafes, Subiaco Arts Centre, Wolf Lane as well as on Aurora TV, RTR FM, Twin Cities Radio, and Telethon.www.poetofjazz.wordpress.com


Jhilam is a research scholar based in Hyderabad. She likes to explore the world through literature, culture, travel and photography. Her previous works have appeared in Muse India, Indian Book Chronicle, Indialogue Foundation and Women’s Web.

Leanne Dunic

Leanne Dunic is a multi-disciplinary artist, writer, and musician. Being of mixed race, much of Leanne’s work possesses hybrid-identity themes. She is the singer/guitarist of the band Luck Commander.

Raymund P. Reyes

Raymund P. Reyes is an EFL teacher in the Middle East. He has published his poetry and short fiction in various literary journals and anthologies in his native Philippines.

Sadiq Mansor

Sadiq Mansor is a film photographer born and raised in Singapore. He has done solo exhibitions and his photographs were featured in a couple of local magazines. His photobook Zanskar will be published later this year. On the weekends, he spends his time with his parents in South Malaysia, reading and scribbling some notes. His past poems have appeared in Ceriph, Of Zoos and Visual Verse.

Stephanie V. Sears

Stephanie V Sears is a French-American ethnologist, free-lance journalist, essayist and poet whose poetry appeared recently in Linq, Cha, Nimrod, Third Wednesday, BlazeVox, Decanto, The Legendary, Rufous City Review.

Usha Kishore

Usha Kishore  is an Indian born British poet, writer and translator, resident on the Isle of Man, where she teaches English at Queen Elizabeth II High School.  Usha’s poetry has been published internationally and anthologised by Macmillan, Hodder Wayland, Oxford University Press (all UK) and Harper Collins India.   Her poetry has won prizes in poetry competitions (most recently her work was highly commended in The Gregory O’ Donoghue Poetry Competition (Ireland) and won The Exiled Writers Ink Poetry Competition (UK) ), has been part of international projects and features in the British Primary and Indian Middle School syllabus.

The winner of an Isle of Man Arts Council Award and a Manx Heritage Foundation Award, Usha’s debut collection On Manannan’s Isle was published in January 2014 by dpdotcom.  A second collection of poetry, Night Sky Between the Starshas been published by Cyberwit India, in the new year Forthcoming are a book of translations from the Sanskrit, entitledTranslations of the Divine Woman,  from Rasala Books India.

Vani Rao

Vani Rao is a US citizen, originally from India. She has been a corporate IT person for over twenty years. In all that time, reading was her passion, writing her dream.
She has been privileged for the past four years in pursuing her dream of writing full time. Her stories have appeared in The Zodiac Review. She is currently working on her first novel, set in colonial/post-colonial India.
She lives in Pittsburgh PA with her husband and son.

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