Winter Andante & Other Poems

by William Marr

Winter Andante

In order to warm the eyes
white snow gently embraces
the naked trees and the fields

Distant mountains tremble softly
herds of deer with thickened hide
move slowly
in the vast empty woods

In the evening wind
the toll of a bell
quietly lights up the twinkling stars
adorning the sky
a solemn cathedral



Only after its wooden roof has rotted
and collapsed
allowing the marble pillars to emerge
and prop up the sky
is the temple complete



throw a shiny stone
at the dark universe

millions of light years later
someone might hear
a clang
when it touches bottom



A puff of air
from your sweet sigh
must have caused this breeze
that entices the flowers
to release their fragrance
and sends a shudder
through the leaves
and me


Editor’s Note on Winter Andante & Other Poems:

Winter Andante & Other Poems is not the first set of poems that Eastlit have published by William Marr.

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