There are a number of announcements in this news issue. I have tried to organize them under headings for ease. We are fast approaching a time of holidays, and we intend to start marking submissions for our February issue very soon. Then hopefully we will get through all the reading and still enjoy New Year. The next issue will be out in early January.

Information for Writers Published in Eastlit

Any writer published in an issue of Eastlit will not be published in the next issue. For example, if you were published in issue one, the next one you can be considered for will be issue three. Of course you can submit work at any time. We will just decide what issue to consider it for. Please keep those submissions coming in!

Eastlit Newsletter

We now have an Eastlit newsletter ready to launch soon. If you want news sent direct to you, Sign up for our free newsletter! Of course, if you prefer to follow us on social networks or by checking the site, that is great. From time to time the newsletter may contain unique information.

February Issue

This issue will see the launch of book reviews. We are accepting submissions of these now.

Writers Group

We are looking to launch a writers group around February or March 2013. This will be associated with Eastlit. However, we do not want it to be an Eastlit exclusive. The group will be open to anyone. We want this group to be an active group. We also want this group to be a place where writers can feel free to express themselves, and where everyone will be regarded as an equal. We also encourage non-native writers to join. More on this as we get nearer the time. However, if you are interested contact us and we will keep you informed.

Other News

We would like to add another editor to read submissions. If you are interested contact admin. We would ideally like to have a non-native editor from within our region. However, we realize this may not be possible. We are also open to the idea of guest editors who cover only one month each.

I am still working on the app. Finding time is not easy.

We hope to start sharing news and updates from our contributors, too. This will be in these news segments or in our newsletter.

Contributors for the January issue will start to hear if they will be published in the next seven to ten days.

And that is enough for this one.