Eastlit news this week:

News on Issues 1 and 2:

It is only a week until the first issue is out. For this issue we were aiming at a maximum of 12 pages. It looks like the December 2012 issue will come in at either 10 or 11. We are still waiting on a change to one piece. It is a pretty exciting time for us.

We are now taking submissions for the January issue. We already have a number and so far they are all from within the region! In issue two we will have completely different writers and poets. In this January Issue we also hope to have more pages. We have more time and less distractions for this one. So keep those pieces coming in!

News on Submissions:

The submission guidelines have been changed. We have learnt we need to tighten things up to avoid having to reject too much from outside the region. Most changes affect writers outside East and South East Asia. We want writers to explain how their work connects now. We still encourage writers outside especially those from regional ethnic roots living abroad, or those writing about the region. However, there can be many ways of seeing connection to East our region, and we encourage writers to explain how. We are pretty open minded.

Other News:

I am still working on the mobile app. The plan is to trial it after the first issue. This will be for Android. If it successful, we will move to iOS and Windows.

We are planning an Eastlit writers group. This will be announced fairly soon.

We are not planning a forum. We are also not planning open comments at this point.

These news posts will be weekly.