Our Aim in the First Issue

Our aim in the first issue is to bring you an interesting and varied collection. This will be short stories, poetry and flash fiction. It’s exciting that this is so close now. The first issue will be on its own new page. The rest of the site will stay as it is now. We have FacebookGoogle+Twitter and Tumblr pages set up. You can follow us on them to get updates if you want. Just click on the links, or the follow us button on the left. We will update you with what is happening regularly.

The first issue will appear on the site on December 1. We are working on East Asia time, so for most it should be up when you wake up. However, if you are in Australia or Japan, please be a little patient!

Other News on First Issue:

I am currently working on apps for mobile viewing. We hope to have an app before the first issue. More on that later.

Thanks for the support for the Facebook event.

Writers can still send us work. See our submissions page.

Please remember to bookmark or follow us. Check here for news. Check the site for the first issue.