Recently Published Literature & Other News


Well thanks to those of you who have been following these news segments over the 3 years of Eastlit. The good news is that Eastlit will be continuing into its fourth year and heading back to a monthly publication. Apart from that I do have a poetry reading to add to Eastlit Live. This will go up in the next few months. If anyone else has any multimedia stuff they would like us to add, please let me know. You can go through the submissions link.

Anyway enough of me rambling on. Below is some information on some recently published literature by writers previously featured by Eastlit, and a few statistics for those interested in such things.

Recently Published Literature

I have recently noticed that some writers previously published in Eastlit have been doing well elsewhere. Below is a rundown on their recently published literature and some links to their Eastlit work. It will be great if you can support these writers by spreading the word, taking a look and/or purchasing copies as is appropriate. For the record I neither want nor recieve anything for this, and decide what works to mention!

Yumiko Tsumura

Eastlit: Poetry Kanto 2015. Yumiko TsumuraPoetry Kanto 2015 front page features 5 short poetry translations by Yumiko Tsumura. The translations are of poetry by acclaimed Japanese poet Kazuko Shiraishi. Yumiko is a hard working writer who not only works on translation, but also pens her own work.

Yumiko Tsumura has had the following work published in Eastlit:

Iain Maloney

Eastlit: Recently Published Literature: Silma Hill. Iain MaloneyAmazon has big discounts on Iain Maloney’s two novels, Silma Hill and First Time Solo. There are synopses of both at the Amazon link. Iain is a Japan based writer. He is also on the Eastlit editorial board. Apart from that he is a decent guy who keeps control of his own creative ideas by using indie publishers. So why not take a look and give him some support?

Iain has been with us and actively involved at Eastlit almost from the start, first as a writer and later as a member of the editorial board.

Iain Maloney has had the following work published by Eastlit:


Year on Year Readership Change

  • + 46% December 2013 on December 2012.
  • +172% January 2014 on January 2013.
  • +161% February 2104 on February 2013.
  • +242% March 2014 on March 2013.
  • +64% April 2014 on April 2013.
  • +8% May 2014 on May 2013.
  • +69% June 2014 on June 2013.
  • +17% July 2014 on July 2013.
  • +33% August 2014 on August 2013.
  • +21% September 2014 on September 2013.
  • +2% October 2014 on October 2013.
  • +32% November 2014 on November 2013.
  • +26% December 2014 on December 2013.
  • +32% January 2015 on January 2014.
  • +11% February 2015 on February 2014.
  • +9% March 2015 on March 2014.
  • +10% April 2015 on April 2014.
  • +8% May 2015 on May 2104.
  • 0% June 2015 on June 2014.
  • +1% July 2015 on July 2014.
  • +21% August 2015 on August 2014.
  • +1% September 2015 on September 2014.
  • +26% October 2015 on October 2014.

Top Ten Countries in Alphabetical Order:

  • China & Hong Kong.
  • India.
  • Japan.
  • Malaysia.
  • Philippines.
  • Singapore.
  • Thailand.
  • United Kingdom.
  • United States.
  • Vietnam.