Eastlit November News

Eastlit November News includes the latest addition to Eastlit Live. There is also a round up of latest publications by Eastlit published writers and some mention of other good causes. Finally there is a quick round up of general news in this Eastlit November news post.

Eastlit Live

The latest addition to Eastlit live is Pangolin by Usha Kishore. It includes and introduction followed by a reading of Pangolin by poet Usha Kishore. Pangolin was first published in Eastlit May 2015 with a collection of poems.

In Empty Places

In Empty Places is a collection of short stories and artwork. It raises money and awareness for the Bantuan Coffee Foundation. They help victims of child prostitution in Indonesia.

Eastlit November News: In Empty Places. In Empty Places was published last year. Now there are only a few copies remaining. So it is last chance to get one. Follow the link in the picture for more information.

Sanjeev Sethi

Eastlit November News: This Summer and That Summer by Sanjeev SethiSanjeev Sethi’s third volume of Poetry, This Summer and That Summer has recently been released. You can read all about it by clicking on the link in the cover picture.

You can also read one of the new poems there.

If you would like to read more of Sanjeev’s poems from Eastlit, Sanjeev has had the following poetry published in Eastlit:

Sanjeev has also recently been working on our editorial board.

Tom Sheehan

Eastlit November News: A Collection of Friends by Tom SheehanMultiple published author Tom Sheehan, who has featured in Eastlit several times, has a new book out. This one, A Collection of Friends, pays tribute to the people who have flowed through Tom’s life.

You can read more about Tom on his Amazon page by clicking on the picture.

Apart from his published books, Tom has hundreds of pieces of work poublished on the internet. He also has quite a collection that have been published on Eastlit over the past three years.

Some of Tom’s previous pieces in Eastlit are:

Tse Hao Guang

Eastlit November News: Deeds of Light by Tse Hao GuangSingaporean writer Tse Hao Guang has recently had his collection of poetry, Deeds of Light published by Math Paper Press.

You can get more information by clicking on the link in the picture.

Tse Hao Guang has had work previously published in Eastlit.

This includes:

  • Midautumn which was featured in Eastlit Novenber 2013.

Eastlit November News

Eastlit December 2015 will be out in early December. This will be the last of the recent bimonthly issues. From January Eastlit will revert back to a monthly publication.

I am looking to add possibly one more person to the editorial board. I would like someone focused on East or Southeast Asia this time. If you are interested contact Eastlit admin.

And finally, thanks to all our readers out there.



Eastlit News May 2015

It is a long while since, I have done an Eastlit news post, and there are a number of developments to mention. So here is the first Eastlit news post in a while.

Easlit Live

We should soon have a new poetry reading up on Eastlit Live. When we do, I will mention it in the news again. At the moment I am just waiting for some artwork to add to it. When I launched Eastlit Live I thought it would be an exciting development, so this is great news for me.

If you have any multimedia poetry or story readings or other multimedia art pieces that you would like us to consider for Eastlit Live, please contact GrahamAnything we put on Eastlit Live will also be mentioned in a news item here, to make sure our community are aware.

Graham Interviewed

Eastlit News May 2015: Asian Books BlogRosie Milne of the Asian Books Blog took the time to interview me about Eastlit and publishing. If you are interested in my views, why not take a read of All About Eastlit / Graham Lawrence

The Asian Books Blog which has been going for a few years now, has a lot of other stuff worth a read too. If you have a few minutes to spare, take a look around and see what Rosie is up to at the Asian Books Blog.

Eastlit E-Magazine, Print and More

I still want to see Eastlit published in an e-magazine/e-book version that can be read on Android, iOS and Kindle devices. As soon as I can find the time, I plan to make this happen.

You will notice that there is now a print button on most pages, if you prefer to read your favorites on paper!. I added this a few months back. The page can also be turned into a PDF via this button.

Southlit Supplement

A few months ago, I integrated the separate Southlit Journal into Eastlit as a Supplement. This was done as there seemed an obvious connection in culture at least between South and Southeast Asia. There was also an overlap in readership. When I added on all the extra work it involved for me and the team, combining the two made sense.

For readers this also adds a wider variety of poetry, fiction and artwork to read and view each month. If you are primarily interested in South Asia, you can go straight to the supplement. If you are interested in East and Southeast Asia, stick with our usual magazine. However, I do hope that a bit of variety adds something for our readership.

For contributors it adds an opportunity for you work to be more widely seen and be seen in a different region or two.

Finally in Eastlit News

Thanks to the recently expanded editorial board for all your hard work. I am especially thankful to the original poetry reading group for coping without complaint with all the extra poetry that had to be read each month before the board was expanded.

Enough on Eastlit news for now.