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Well thanks to those of you who have been following these news segments over the 3 years of Eastlit. The good news is that Eastlit will be continuing into its fourth year and heading back to a monthly publication. Apart from that I do have a poetry reading to add to Eastlit Live. This will go up in the next few months. If anyone else has any multimedia stuff they would like us to add, please let me know. You can go through the submissions link.

Anyway enough of me rambling on. Below is some information on some recently published literature by writers previously featured by Eastlit, and a few statistics for those interested in such things.

Recently Published Literature

I have recently noticed that some writers previously published in Eastlit have been doing well elsewhere. Below is a rundown on their recently published literature and some links to their Eastlit work. It will be great if you can support these writers by spreading the word, taking a look and/or purchasing copies as is appropriate. For the record I neither want nor recieve anything for this, and decide what works to mention!

Yumiko Tsumura

Eastlit: Poetry Kanto 2015. Yumiko TsumuraPoetry Kanto 2015 front page features 5 short poetry translations by Yumiko Tsumura. The translations are of poetry by acclaimed Japanese poet Kazuko Shiraishi. Yumiko is a hard working writer who not only works on translation, but also pens her own work.

Yumiko Tsumura has had the following work published in Eastlit:

Iain Maloney

Eastlit: Recently Published Literature: Silma Hill. Iain MaloneyAmazon has big discounts on Iain Maloney’s two novels, Silma Hill and First Time Solo. There are synopses of both at the Amazon link. Iain is a Japan based writer. He is also on the Eastlit editorial board. Apart from that he is a decent guy who keeps control of his own creative ideas by using indie publishers. So why not take a look and give him some support?

Iain has been with us and actively involved at Eastlit almost from the start, first as a writer and later as a member of the editorial board.

Iain Maloney has had the following work published by Eastlit:


Year on Year Readership Change

  • + 46% December 2013 on December 2012.
  • +172% January 2014 on January 2013.
  • +161% February 2104 on February 2013.
  • +242% March 2014 on March 2013.
  • +64% April 2014 on April 2013.
  • +8% May 2014 on May 2013.
  • +69% June 2014 on June 2013.
  • +17% July 2014 on July 2013.
  • +33% August 2014 on August 2013.
  • +21% September 2014 on September 2013.
  • +2% October 2014 on October 2013.
  • +32% November 2014 on November 2013.
  • +26% December 2014 on December 2013.
  • +32% January 2015 on January 2014.
  • +11% February 2015 on February 2014.
  • +9% March 2015 on March 2014.
  • +10% April 2015 on April 2014.
  • +8% May 2015 on May 2104.
  • 0% June 2015 on June 2014.
  • +1% July 2015 on July 2014.
  • +21% August 2015 on August 2014.
  • +1% September 2015 on September 2014.
  • +26% October 2015 on October 2014.

Top Ten Countries in Alphabetical Order:

  • China & Hong Kong.
  • India.
  • Japan.
  • Malaysia.
  • Philippines.
  • Singapore.
  • Thailand.
  • United Kingdom.
  • United States.
  • Vietnam.



Popular Asian Poetry, Fiction and Art in Eastlit

Popular Asian Poetry, Fiction & Art. Eastlit April 2014 Cover designed by Graham Lawrence. The cover picture is "Hands". It is by Stuart Coward. Copyright Eastlit and Artist.It is time to update the popular Asian poetry, fiction and art that has appeared in Eastlit. Once again we are taking a look a snapshot look at the most popular Asian poetry, fiction and art for the past seven and thirty days. I also include an updated all time list of popular Asian poetry, fiction and art. Plus there is also the latest month on month growth in readership comparison. And finally I include a list of the countries where Eastlit is most read.

I continue to only include creative submissions by contributors. Eastlit pages and regular columns are not included. I have again not provided direct links to each piece, but do mention the respective issue. It is easy enough to find the pieces from these. The menu has direct links to the three most recent issues. The archive has links to older issues.

Why not also take a look at less read pieces. This post is intended as always as a bit of fun. The appreciation of art and literature is very much subjective and because something is well read doesn’t necessarily mean you will like it!

Enough from me and so it is on with the lists of popular Asian poetry, fiction and art in Eastlit:

Popular Asian Poetry, Fiction and Art. Last Seven Days:

  1. Smoke and Mirrors by Sayantan Ghosh (April 2014).
  2. Why I Write by Qui-Phiet Tran (April 2014).
  3. Massey Hall 1971 by Flora Qian (April 2014).
  4. Three Worlds by Andrew J. West (April 2014).
  5. What the Dog Saw at Noon by Zara Adcock (April 2014).

Popular Asian Poetry, Fiction and Art. Last Thirty Days:

  1. Smoke and Mirrors by Sayantan Ghosh (April 2014).
  2. Ishinomkai by Cesar Polvorosa Jr. (February 2014).
  3. Why I Write by Qui-Phiet Tran (April 2014).
  4. Common Filipino Funeral Superstitions Rebutted by Reynold P. Macaranas (March 2013).
  5. A Complete Overhaul by Stephen Jordan (March 2014).

Popular Asian Poetry, Fiction and Art. All Time:

  1. Common Filipino Funeral Superstitions Rebutted by Reynold P. Macaranas (March 2013).
  2. Ishinomaki by Cesar Polvorosa Jr. (February 2014).
  3. Bluebird Island by Pauline Lacanilao (December 2013).
  4. Smoke and Mirrors by Sayantan Ghosh (April 2014).
  5. Going Home by Steve Rosse (February 2013).
  6. The Puppet Tree by Andrew J. West (October 2013).
  7. Going Back to Emerald Hill by Chew Yi Wei (April 2013).
  8. A Complete Overhaul by Stephen Jordan (March 2014).
  9. The Mansion by Andrew J. West (June 2013).
  10. The Debt by Kritika Chettri (November 2013).

Year on Year Readership Change

  • + 46% December 2013 on December 2012.
  • +172% January 2014 on January 2013.
  • +161% February 2104 on February 2013.
  • +242% March 2014 on March 2013.

Top Ten Countries in Alphabetical Order:

  • Canada
  • China
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Malaysia
  • Philippines
  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • United Kingdom
  • United States

Cheers and Enjoy.


Editor’s Note:

Previous posts on what was popular in Eastlit were:

Eastlit September

Well sorry, I haven’t done one of these pieces for a while. It has been a very busy time for me away from Eastlit. I will however try to get one or two of these pieces out every month.

Eastlit September Issue

Eastlit September: Journal Cover Eastlit September 2013. Well the Eastlit September issue is out and it is nice to be getting posiitve feedback. Thanks from me and thanks from the writers too.

The Eastlit September issue contains a mix of poetry, short stories and non-fiction. It also includes another extract from a novel. Plus we have the regular piece form Steve Rosse in the How Not to Write series.

We continue to try and introduce a few new writers or poets every issue.

I would also like to thank all the editorial board members for their help. You know who you are. Thanks from me to members old and new. Thanks also to those who have volunteered to join he board in the future and also hose who have sent in guest editorials for consideration. It all helps.


As I said on the front page, now is a time of some expense for Eastlit. If you are able to help with a dollar, pound, yen or two or know someone who is, it will certainly be appreciated. And if you can’t hey just keep reading or sending the work in, or give us a like, share or spread the word. It all helps and we do value it all. In fact from me it is thanks to you all who have sent so much in or spent so much time reading Eastlit. It will soon be a year and it is humbling to see quite how many people have followed the development of this little journal.

Oh for donations the button can be found on the right of some pages or the front page. On some mobile devices it may appear at the bottom of the page. And here it is below:


Eastlit Courses

Eastlit is now offering the following online courses:

  • Activaing Creativity
  • Creative Writing

If you would like more information, please contact us.

Eastlit September – Other Things

We are taking submissions for the next 6 issues right now, so don’t be shy. Send them in.

The Android app is going through gradual development. If we can raise the money, we will also publish an app for iPhones. It is already made!

OK enough from me.





There are a number of news items as we approach the end of March. I have set them out under headings so you can find what is relevant to you.


The April issue will be out on April 1, 2013. It will be an issue of eight or nine pieces including fiction, poetry and a couple of non-fiction pieces. This is continuing in line with our smaller issues policy from the start of this year.

Writers will be hearing in the next few days if their work is in or out.

Writing Process and Editing

We hope to be making an announcement on something new to help new and aspiring writers very soon. As soon as we have things confirmed, we will make it public. This fits with our aim of trying to help new writers and non-native writers. We remain fully committed to encouraging and supporting non-native writers.

Writers’ Group

The International Writers Group, which will be independent of Eastlit, has been set up. It is on Google+ as a Google+ community. Please take a look if interested. It is open to anyone writing in English. It is also open to those interested in writing and readers. Using Google+ means that writers can take advantage of Google documents to share, edit, co-write or seek opinions. This can also be done in a private way with only chosen people or publicly. That is up to the writer. Using Google+ does though mean you will need a g mail account. If you do not have one already you can sign up here.

Right now the group is very new and small. We are actively seeking new members, so if you have friends who may be interested please let them know. The aim is to make this a group for the members and not have it dominated by a few.

Most of all we would love to hear your ideas. You can contact us in the community, through the usual channels here or via our g mail account.

Future Eastlit Issues

We are now taking submissions for our May and June issues. We are accepting fiction, poetry, non-fiction, relevant essays, novel extracts and photographs. If you have not submitted before, please take a look at our submission guidelines before sending work in.

We actively encourage non-native writers to send work in. See our commitment to supporting new writers.


If you do support our aims or even just enjoy the work, please do like or share us from the links at the bottom.




Writer’s Group

A bit of a conversation has started on the Google+ Eastlit account. This has been about the writers’ group we have mentioned a few times. The aim of this group is not to be an Eastlit writer’s group, but an independent online international group based on democratic principles rather than having a leader. The writers’ group would also be based on members being as much or little involved as they want, and bringing to the group what they wanted.

The group would be there for writers and others to support each other, offer advice on work, read and maybe edit. However, away from that it could also be a place to discuss literature, books, poems and even become a place for like minded people to discuss what they wanted. From my perspective, I would also love it to be a place that warmly welcomes non-native writers, and provides the support and assistance to help them write or say what they want.

At the moment it is early days, but there is discussion of what platform to use. At the moment using Google+ seems favourite. This is because Google documents is an excellent platform for sharing and commenting. The only downside, is that members need a g-mail account. Other possible options are a or similar blog platform. Yahoo and Facebook seem to not be popular as they offer less.

I guess at this stage, though, it would be great to hear from you our readers and writers. I think it should be open to both readers and writers. Are you interested? If so, please let us know. What would you like to see in a group? What would you like to bring to bring to a group if anything?

Please contact us if interested, so we can get an idea of initial numbers. You can also find us on Facebook or Google+ and leave messages on these. And if you have any questions, please ask!




The complete list of contents for the Eastlit March Issue is below. Please click on a link to go to the page. Eastlit Cover. The picture is Lifetime by Sinlaratn Soontornviset. The cover design is by Graham Lawrence. Editorial by Bryn Tennant. Mirage by Xenia Taiga Four Poems by Anna Yin. The poems are: My Father's Family Tree, The Bodhi Tree, Raspberries and Root Carving. South East Asia: Patterns and Paradoxes by Quimar Yazima The Colors of the Wings by Richard Lutman. This is the second chapter of the novella The Iron Butterfly. The first chapter was published in Eastlit's January issue. Four Poems by Afzal Moolla. The poems are: Port of Call, The Whispering Leaf, Warning: Soppy Love Scribble! and The Swaying of the Grass. The Gibbon Rehabilitation Project by James Austin Farrell. Common Filipino Funeral Superstitions Rebutted by Reynold P. Macaranas Oil by Donald R. Vogel. An extract from a novel tentatively titled Father John. Five Poems by Dawnell Harrison. The poems are: Loneliness, The Sunrise Burned, The Mirage, Icy Waves and The Great Taproot. Viva La Difference by Alex Pithie The Pearl Necklace by Tom Sheehan Contributors. An alphabetical list of all the contributors to the March issue of Eastlit complete with biographies of all the writers and poets. Note on Work. Please note that we publish work as received. We do not edit work for minor errors. We regard these as decisions made by the author. The one exception is that we may work with second language writers to help them say what they want to say. Please note all work whether writing or pictures remains the copyrighted work of its authors. Subscribe to our newsletter for all the latest on upcoming issues, competitions, incentives, contributors and news in general.Well as the temperature rises here in Thailand, the flow of submissions seem to be increasing. It is great to get so much original work to read and to be able to publish what we can. It is also humbling that not only do we see so much submitted but also the number of readers from around the world is on the increase. It sometimes surprises me the places that we get interest from.

The March issue also seems to have gone down well, so thanks to all of the contributors to that. We really appreciate your work and support of Eastlit. It is also wonderful to see an increase in submissions from locals.


I know I keep mentioning this, but photos for the cover are the one area we are short of supply. Please if anyone can help out, send them in. If you have a friend who can, please ask them. You do retain full rights as with your stories, You will also be credited and given an entry in our contributors section.


We are now taking submissions for our April, May and June issues. So send them in. We usually get back to you very quickly to acknowledge receipt. We then contact you in the week before our issue goes out to let you know if you are in or out. Please remember to read our submission guidelines before sending things in.

Archives and Older Issues

Now we have published four issues, we are creating an archive of older issues. Sometimes when pieces go into an archive, they get “lost” over time. We will try to mention and highlight our older published pieces form time to time in this latest section and other releases.


Let us know if you would like your work looked at and suggestions for edits made. We cannot offer an exhaustive service for this, but want to increase what we do offer. We do expect submissions to be at least close to finished pieces.

Other March News

There is little news from us this March. However, it would be nice to hear from you of anything you would like to see in Eastlit. What do you think of the colour and slight tagline change? What is your favourite piece of poetry or prose? Do you like the longer pieces? All this helps us to know how to best balance things and keep Eastlit interesting for you the reader. You can contact us by e-mail here or on our contact form.

Oh, remember you can also get all this news from our newsletter. Sign up now to have the news sent to you.





The March issue will be out on March 1st. This one includes a variety of non-fiction. There are also the usual poetry and fiction. Plus in the March issue the second chapter of the Iron Butterfly will be run. The first chapter was in the January Eastlit.

Writers should hear about now whether we will be including their work. And thank you to all those who did submit what was a very varied selection this time.


It is nice to see more work coming in from Filipino writers. We have always wanted to have a strong representation from local as well as expat writers. Let’s hope this trend continues to some other countries. Please remember that are here to help non-native writers too. If you need some advice or editing help, please contact us.


Eastlit is looking at copy-editing what it publishes now to better help our writers.

We have also made a colour change to the background and a few words in the Eastlit tag-line. Please let us know if you have any comments on this either positive or negative!

Now we are moving into our fourth issue, we have made an archive section. Issues older than the current three will be moved to here. The December issue is the first moved.

Future Eastlit Issues.

We are still sticking with smaller issues for now. However, we hope within this to continue to bring variety. The coming issue will see more non-fiction.

We are taking submissions for our April and May issues now. Please feel free to send your work in.

Other News

We could still do with pictures for future issues if anyone is interested. Just contact us or send them in. Remember you retain copyright.

And that must be it for now, but

Finally, I’d like to thank Bryn for the extra work he has put in this month.

And on that note it is…




New Year

We at Eastlit would like to wish all our contributors  readers and partners a very happy holiday season and a happy New Year. We wish everyone the best in 2013. In 2013 we hope that Eastlit will continue to bring readers an interesting variety of East and South East Asian based writing. We also hope we will be able to give an opportunity to new writers to establish a published foothold. Let’s hope 2013 is a good one for us all. Peace.

Eastlit New Year (January) Issue

The January or New Year issue will be out on 3rd January. We are very excited by this one. It includes more pieces from within the region. It also covers more countries and cultures. This issue will include fiction, non-fiction, poetry and at least one novel extract. We hope it will be as well received by our readership as the first issue of Eastlit. We also hope you enjoy the pieces as much as we did.

Writers Based Outside the Region

Eastlit will always consider writing from anyone based outside the region. We do, however, ask these writers to tell us how their work connects with the region. Please do this if submitting from outside East or South East Asia. As from 2013, we will not read or reply to  submissions not doing this. Eastlit is a monthly publication with few staff. Time to read, discuss, reply and decide is limited, so please help us in this case.


Any photographers out there? We are accepting photograph submissions. These photos will be considered for our journal front cover. Copyright will remain with the photographer. You will just be granting us a non-exclusive licence to publish your photo when you submit it. Full credit will be given.

February Issue

We are now taking submissions for Eastlit’s February issue.  Please send them in over the New Year or after. We may though take a little longer to reply over the New year period.  Eastlit is also now looking for book reviews for this and later issues.


We now have an Eastlit newsletter. If you want news sent direct to you, Sign up for our free newsletter!


I would like to thank everyone again for the support they have given Eastlit. Have a great 2013




Our Aim in the First Issue

Our aim in the first issue is to bring you an interesting and varied collection. This will be short stories, poetry and flash fiction. It’s exciting that this is so close now. The first issue will be on its own new page. The rest of the site will stay as it is now. We have FacebookGoogle+Twitter and Tumblr pages set up. You can follow us on them to get updates if you want. Just click on the links, or the follow us button on the left. We will update you with what is happening regularly.

The first issue will appear on the site on December 1. We are working on East Asia time, so for most it should be up when you wake up. However, if you are in Australia or Japan, please be a little patient!

Other News on First Issue:

I am currently working on apps for mobile viewing. We hope to have an app before the first issue. More on that later.

Thanks for the support for the Facebook event.

Writers can still send us work. See our submissions page.

Please remember to bookmark or follow us. Check here for news. Check the site for the first issue.