Top Ten

Eastlit November 2013 Top Ten.The previous pieces on the top ten all time reads, top reads and popular writing it seemed popular. So here is another one on the all time top ten for early November!

As well as the all time top ten, I have included the top five most popular writing pieces of the last five and thirty days. There continues to be movement in the top ten list as well as that expected in the more recent lists.

This continues to be the most popular writing by contributors. Site pages, editorials, covers and news items etc are not included. I haven’t included a direct link to each piece, but I have listed which issue each piece is in. It is easy to find links to back issues through the Eastlit Archive. Recent issues are in the archive menu at the top of the page. I also recommend taking a look at some of the lesser read pieces too. Of course being in the top ten may not mean best 😉

Anyway here is the top ten of all time after the recent top fives:

Popular Writing: Last Seven Days:

  1. The Debt by Kritika Chettri (November).
  2. Midautumn by Tse Hao Guang (November).
  3. Working Women by Noushin Arefadib (April).
  4. Spring at Kyorai’s Hut by Iain Maloney (March).
  5. Rice Fields and Gold Mines by Robert Paul Weston (August).

Popular Writing: Last Thirty Days:

  1. The Debt by Kritika Chettri (November).
  2. A Few Thin Jackets by Steve Tait (August).
  3. Midautumn by Tse Hao Guang (November).
  4. Common Filipino Funeral Superstitions Rebutted by Reynold P. Macaranas (March).
  5. The Puppet Tree by Andrew J. West (October).

Popular Writing: Top Ten All Time:

  1. Common Filipino Funeral Superstitions Rebutted by Reynold P. Macaranas (March).
  2. Going Back to Emerald Hill by Chew Yi Wei (April).
  3. Going Home by Steve Rosse (February).
  4. The Puppet Tree by Andrew J. West (October).
  5. The Mansion by Andrew J. West (June).
  6. Five Poems by Rose Lu (April).
  7. Three Poems by Rose Lu (July).
  8. La Perla by MFL Bulandus (December).
  9. The Debt by Kritika Chettri (November).
  10. When the Holy Ruled the Middle Kingdom by Jean Luc-Bouchard (October).

Other News:

I have a new job now, and do not have as much time to dedicate to all things Eastlit. However, hopefully that will not hinder development of the new projects.

Please keep the submissions coming to the submissions e-mail. We are accepting work for the first half of 2014 now. Please take a look at the submissions guidelines first.

We are still seeking work for our Eastlit Live channel. We take any form of multimedia art. If you want to chat about this please contact us. Or use the Eastlit Google+ Page.

And we will be introducing a new regular review column in the December issue. Plus don’t forget we will randomly republish a piece previously published in Eastlit, so work does not get lost in back issues.